GTA V Will 'Steal Everyone's Attention' In Front of E3 2012

(IndustryGamers) GTA V took the industry by storm today with its first trailer, lighting up PCs and laptops around the world. The reaction to the modern day setting and a return to San Andreas has been quite positive, but we still don't have a release date, and why did Rockstar choose to unveil the game now, right in the midst of one of the most busy holiday seasons ever?

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Sinner101GR2453d ago

I cannot waiiiiiit to play this game.

donniebaseball2453d ago

It looks freakin amazing - nice step up from GTA IV.

marioPSUC2453d ago

I think its gonna come out early in the year, if it came out like around Spring-summer, it would be a huge seller considering not many big name games come out in the spring

donniebaseball2453d ago

That's what the analysts are saying, that it'll be in the spring/summer period around E3 and will dominate the market since it's usually a pretty dry release time then.

cloud4952453d ago

They also wouldn't release it around Max Payne

blaze22-qwerty2453d ago

I will buy it ......................Twice

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The story is too old to be commented.