Grand Theft Auto V: Too Tame? (GameFront)

Jim Sterling, "Rockstar Games has grown up. Grand Theft Auto IV was the first clue that the studio once known for shock humor and excessive violence had done some maturing and was interested in exploring more serious themes as opposed to providing gratification for our animal instincts. To some, this was heralded as a bold new direction, while others felt it betrayed the roots of the series. Now, with Rockstar revealing Grand Theft Auto V, the same worries that GTA is too “tame” have surfaced."

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jack who2391d ago

how did you get that from a 2 sec trailer?

xPhearR3dx2391d ago

I don't know about you, but I saw 1:24 sec worth of GTA V. A minute in a half can provide a lot about a game. We saw jets and stuff, but it also felt very "tame". Which personally I like, I just hope they can combine that with all the fun stuff we played in SA and make it feel right.

MeatAbstract2391d ago

That word kept popping up - tame. I don't think that is the best way to describe GTA now. The older GTA games leaned more the cartoon violence. The popping heads and the fountain of blood that spurted out the neck, chopping people with swords and other weapons. It was cartoonish and fun.

As the article says, GTA has gone gritty and more 'real' but I don't think this makes it anymore tamer then the predacessors. Run someone over in GTA IV and feel the feel the weight of that person thumping on the bonnet. Shoot someone in the leg and they tumble down to the ground, only to climb back up and limp away.

Saints Row is ridiculously fun in its violence and completely over the top whereas GTA is grounded and is aimed to look as real as possible.

To look at it another way, it's like taking the violence of Evil Dead and comparing it to the film Martyrs. Both are violent films but Evil Dead is rememberered for its gory goodness, and Martyrs for its unsettling scenes that aren't gore filled, but because of the setting, atmosphere and characters, makes it all the more violent.

Elwenil2391d ago

I don't think tame is the right word. I think GTA is just getting more mature. Most of the stories for the previous games pretty much reveled in the fact that you were a criminal, while GTA4 sort of put you in the middle of a moral crisis where you wanted to be a "good" person but were stuck with the cards you were dealt. Similarly, Red Dead Redemption also had the main character trying to escape a life of crime that seemed to pull him back in. Rockstar has always caught flak for the violence and general antisocial behavior portrayed in their games but that controversy has also caused it's popularity to soar. I personally love the more mature approach to the story, perhaps because I'm in my late 30s and beating someone in the street with a sex toy isn't as big of a deal as it was when first seen. Perhaps it's just that all things need to evolve and Rockstar making an HD remake of sorts just wouldn't go over very well. For me, I'd much rather have the game progress to deeper, more interesting stories like RDR when you actually care about the character you are playing and less over the top madness just to make the kids happy and stir up some controversy. Just my .02