Arkham City vs Uncharted 3 for Game of The Year 2011 Can Drake Takedown Batman again?

GamerFitNation's BlackBible gives his thoughts on what he believe's are the the top 2 picks for Game of the Year 2011. RockSteady's Batman Arkham City, or Naughty Dog's Uncharted Drake's Deception? He ask's the question, can Drake once again take down Batman?

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Dante1122359d ago (Edited 2359d ago )

Idk, that 50 from AV Club kinda ruined UC3 chances (since usually the game with the highest or second highest metacritic score wins). Batman might get it, or Portal 2.

TheBlackMask2359d ago (Edited 2359d ago )

Lets not hope Metacritic leads people on to what game should get GOTY. I personaly believe in my opinion that Uncharted 3 is better then Batman Arkham City, I just found there was things in AC that Rocksteady had still not got right and it wasn't as perfect as most reviews had said....yet on Metacritic it's a 93 vs a 96 score

As I was saying on another article Eurogamers score set off a wave of troll reviews because it was a "cool" thing to do at the time so they could get more hits for there websites. The same could of been done for Batman if it happened to that game aswell.

I just don't understand how some of the bad scores...sorry not bad but 8/10 scores for Batman havent been shown on Metacritic but the ones for Uncharted have been. I mean when you compare the games on the site where one has 60+ reviews some which are average to a game which only has 20+ all possitive then you know which one is going to be rated higher.

Have you seen most of the user reviews on Uncharted 3 anyway it's ridiculous, just like Uncharted 2 people can admit it's a good game yet are giving the game 0 marks because it's "overrated", because their trolls or just there obvious fanboys who donm't want to see a Sony exclusive take GOTY.

MAJ0R2359d ago (Edited 2359d ago )

I think were all forgetting about Skyrim, lets wait for that and see what happens

and from what I've seen and heard U3 seems better than AC, it just is more susceptible to troll reviews because the last one was so successful and popular

papashango2359d ago

Dont forget Skyrim, portal 2, deus ex I would have stuck on there if it had a better ending

starchild2359d ago

Personally, for me it is between:

Deus Ex Human Revolution
Uncharted 3 Drake's Deception
Portal 2
The Witcher 2

and probably Assassin's Creed Revelations and Skyrim

darthv722359d ago

"Multi-platform" GOTY.

That way each platform can have their best exclusive win a game of the year as well as there be a GOTY that we can all agree on because its on multiple platforms.

Army_of_Darkness2359d ago (Edited 2359d ago )

And as good as arkham city is, uncharted 3 is in a whole different level. And I agree, the users review of uncharted 3 are outright ridiculous on metacritic! You have to seriously be a sad good for nothing useless troll to rate a game of that caliber under 5/10!?! Like really bro?! What do they plan on achieving out of it?! And its not "their opinion" its just unnecessary hate for a video game, Which is very sad.

darthv722359d ago

its no different than what happened to halo 3 or god of war 3 or gt5 or any high profile game for that matter.

Its easier to hate the opposition instead of simply turning the other way.

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StraightPath2359d ago (Edited 2359d ago )

In terms of ratings..and critically accliamed ( these critics that give goty..) but people dont realise goty is personal choice.

But from the critics

Batman AC
Portal 2

are the highest rated games this year, so these two are prime candidates..but Skyrim and Zelda SS left..

Batman AC is amazing.

Its out of

Batman AC
Portal 2

i think mostly people that try to down play Batman AC have not even played it. ( Fanboys your game doesnt have to be the best, other games are doing amazing aswell )

TheBlackMask2359d ago

How can you mention Skyrim when it's not even out yet.

Uncharted 3 for example has the same chance as Skyrim.

gypsygib2359d ago

It better not be Portal 2, that game was not better than 7/10 IMO.

MsclMexican2359d ago

Ratings dont mean anything. Look at fallout 3. It won more GOTY's than GTA IV the highest rated game this gen.

The games considered will be Batman, Uncharted, Skyrim, Portal 2 and maybe Zelda.

Gears of War 3 may also be included.

I love the Zelda games, but they don't tend to get the recognition as they used to

My vote goes to Uncharted because even though I loved batmans gameplay, the story disappointed me. Uncharted 3 nailed them both.

I have to wait for skyrim to make my choice

lMHl2359d ago

skyrim is gonna win cause it looks cool

Drake1172358d ago

They will probably put mw3 in there even though (still havnt played it but we all know what its gona b like)it prob wont be as good as uc3, AC, Skyrim, portal 2, and zelda. Because of its large fan base.

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fedex6822359d ago

How conveniently people forget littlebigplanet 2!! That game is great and has a 92 on meta (not that it matters but just pointing out).

BLACKBIBLE2359d ago (Edited 2359d ago )

I honestly feel it comes down to these 2 games. Be sure to share your thoughts on the website comment section. I'd love to chat it out or respectfully debate the issue with you. Knowing Gregory his pop in to debate this issue against me as well.

Dante1122359d ago (Edited 2359d ago )

True as well as Portal 2 or Skyrim imo, but I still don't think they'd give a game series GOTY back to back (UC2 to UC3).

Edit: @ gamer below

Media outlets vote. Use to be the people but random sport games would win every year lol (Madden, Fifa, MLB).

Christopher2359d ago

I think Arkham City may win more solely because it did what U2 did two years ago, which is bring out a bigger, badder version of its first game.

Uncharted 3 is a better game than U2, IMHO, but not enough that people care. I've heard so many people say they already Played U3 when it was called U2. Setting aside the trollish elements of that comment (didn't know you had a sinking boat and crashing plane in U2, I must have only seen the train as a viable travel option), the reason is because while there are improvements, there aren't enough to get people thinking it's something 'better'.

This 'better' trend has ruined a lot of gaming today. If a game doesn't outdo itself, it's not good enough. Who cares whether it outdoes the competition, it's now not good enough if it outdoes itself.

As I was saying, though, Arkham City outdid the first game. More freeflow combat improvements, a lot more emphasis on a lot more Batman icons, Catwoman, actually open world rather than segregated like the first game, and tons to do in it.

The problem I see is that Arkham 3, or whatever it shall be titled, will now be in the exact same situation as Uncharted 3. It's not going to be able to do enough to set it apart from it's previous title, and people will harp on that.

Vega752359d ago

honestly i think batman 3(or whatever they call it) could out do Arkham City. if they merge gothom city and arkham city together and include driving the batmobile and flying the batplaine in the next game. i hope they hold off and wait for the next gen consoles to arrive to make the game much bigger and include nightwing,robin.

BLACKBIBLE2359d ago (Edited 2359d ago )

@xtheownerzx AKA Greg wow you are smoking Seaweed for your 2nd sentence.

"First of all I have to say this first and foremost. Uncharted 3 nor Batman will not win game of the year. Uncharted doesn't really bring anything new to the table, gameplay wise."

1st off uncharted had so many more and new elements that it eclipse U2. I can't mention any of them because of *Spoilers*

I'm ripping your uncharted gamer badge off and stomping on it for that comment man.

green2359d ago

It seems everyone has forgotten about Portal. The game was a critical and commercial success so should be considered in any game of the year nomination.

Skyrim is also another game that coule be mega.


I actually said this in the video, and that's the whole debate I pointing out between me and Gregory . He believe's those 2 games you mentioned are going to be the 2 top contenders for GOTY.

Like I said top 5 will be Potal 3, Skyrim, Gears 3, Uncharted 3, and Arkham City

xtheownerzx2359d ago

You know that's real cold blooded BB making this video just so I can prove you wrong.

First of all I have to say this first and foremost. Uncharted 3 nor Batman will not win game of the year.

Even though both games are critically acclaimed, its like others have said before me. Uncharted doesn't really bring anything new to the table, gameplay wise. The story is always going to be great and we know that. The only problem is that Batman has taken gamers by surprise at the mere fact that they were able to create greatness twice.

Portal 2 is another game that has really polished the formulas that were created in the first game. Zelda and Skyrim have the potential to become goty's but I wont make a predetermined decision on those titles until I see more reviews on them. However, from what i've seen of the games so far, this year's goty nominations will the most hotly discussed for years to come.

Christopher2359d ago

***Uncharted doesn't really bring anything new to the table, gameplay wise.***

A great game is a great game. Why does it have to bring something new? Doesn't being a great game that miilions love enough?

Technically, Arkham City brings just as much new gameplay as Uncharted 3 considering both focused on improvied combat, setting(s), and storytelling.

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gamer2342359d ago (Edited 2359d ago )

cant say for now

Why o why2359d ago

Defnitely, im yet to complete both games. Batman aa really impressed me. Im sure ac will do the same. Playing through u3 now. So serious. Good times

Christopher2359d ago

If you liked AA, you will at least like AC. I'm not fond of a lot if the riddler puzzles, but the main story and other side missions were great.