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OXMOnline: Since launching as a very good but obvious Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas clone in the early days of the Xbox 360 — back when we were starving for our first next-gen sandbox experience — Saints Row has matured into a series that embraces the over-the-top and the absurd in a way that even GTA could never dream of, and this third iteration perfects the formula by emphasizing fun above all else, realism be damned.

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JellyJelly2393d ago (Edited 2393d ago )

GTA V trailer or not, I can't wait for this!

joydestroy2393d ago

same here! this will hold me over

NarooN2393d ago


This is my #1 this year. My own personal GOTY, if you will.

BrightFalls762393d ago

Very cool:) For myself Saint's Row really put the fun back into the sandbox games. Yes, it's over the top but GTA went the other direction and is too serious. I haven't enjoyed GTA since part 3.

StanSmith2393d ago

I don't think it was the seriousness that let GTAIV down. It was the lack of things to do outside of the main story. That to me is where it lost it's ability to be fun. Once you finished the story, there was nothing to do.

KozmoOchez2393d ago

thats exactly my beef with the series. I can play sr2 for hours and not do a mission. In fact, last night a friend and I were messing around and we turned on some cheats for fun. Tornado heli + super explosions + unlimited satchel + pimp slap = ridiculousness.

I blew up an 18 wheeler from the Tornado and the impact flung a nearby car into the air right into me and my helicopter blew up with me in it. And of course who wouldnt enjoy watching someone get smacked by a giant foam finger and then fly across the street. Or using it to smack cars onto cops.

Saints Row: The Third will only take that to the next level.

kma2k2393d ago

Anybody play the demo yet? Is it any good? I downloaded it last nigth but havent gotten a chance to play it yet.

fallacious2393d ago

The demo was just the character creation part of the game, you don't actually get to play the real game itself.

kma2k2393d ago

Oh well that blows. It was like a 1gb download to, seriuolsy wtf that is depressing!

NarooN2393d ago

Not depressing at all. It lets you make your character(s) beforehand so when you get the game, you can just skip the character creation part and get to business.

Laxman2393d ago (Edited 2393d ago )

The demo is also playing part in a competition. Volition are picking the 100 best character designs (today is the last day before they pick), and the community is going to vote for the top 3, who will make it into the game as NPC's.

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