MIG | Top 8 Wishlist for Tomb Raider

MyInsideGamer writes:

"I was at an early Halloween party over the weekend and I saw a girl dressed as Lara Croft. For some reason, this gave me the urge to play a Tomb Raider game. Unfortunately for me, my choice was Tomb Raider: Underworld, the latest disc released Tomb Raider game. Now, I bought this game nearly two years ago and hadn’t played it since the first day I got it."

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MIG_Saurus2426d ago

Fewer human enemies? Sure.
Stealth? Why? Fewer enemies, right?
Cover system? Again, why? There'd be fewer enemies.

It seems to me that Tomb Raider does best when it focuses on its platforming aspects rather than anything else -- and really, why not? Nintendo has its star platformers, PS3 has it pretty good with Uncharted (though its action is better), so Microsoft could do with something that excels as a platforming game (and yes, I understand it's not exclusive, but Microsoft's choices are nonetheless absent).

The items on this list aren't really focusing on what we would need for a better Tomb Raider.

WuzupMate2426d ago

huh?! Uncharted just COPIED! tomb Raider ffs, your dumb/

MIG_Saurus2426d ago

*improved upon

Keyboards can be so troubling these days.

WuzupMate2426d ago

fuck keyboards!!!! consoles are bettr ffs how can u nt see that?! And ye uncharted improved up on tome raider ill give you dat

MIG_Saurus2426d ago

There is really no longer any such thing as ripping off anyway, it's all pretty derivative and influential. To be fair, Uncharted is like Tomb Raider which is like Pitfall.

vflhp2426d ago ShowReplies(1)
MIG_Saurus2426d ago

People like you shouldn't play video games

vflhp2426d ago

ye well ppl wit ur low iqs shudnt be on de internet ffs!!!!1 get a life you dumb thing!