Do GTA V Trailer Anomalies Point To Motionscan Faces?

Velocity Gamer: I've noticed a few things about this reveal trailer you might want to take note of, they could point to the use of the L.A. Noire face tech.

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LightofDarkness2333d ago (Edited 2333d ago )

Sorry, @Yi-Long:

I'd like to see Mass Effect style dialogue trees, but that would take a while to implement. But at least then all characterisation/development would be player driven (to a point, obviously). Thus you could be the solemn, cold-hearted, no-frills contract killer or a maniacal, sky-diving, mayhem inducing mad-man with a death-wish.

Yi-Long2333d ago (Edited 2333d ago )

...there's just 1 thing worrying me...

In GTA4 the personality of Nico was the reason given that we wouldn't be able to do the crazy fun stuff that was in San Andreas. "It wouldn't fit Nico's character to go skydiving or BMX-ing"

Fair enough. We later got Gay Tony DLC to kinda make that up.

However, seeing in the GTA5 trailer a probably older protaganist, might they use the same excuse to once again cut some of those fun activities out of the game, only to sell it later on as DLC for another character?

come_at_me_bro2333d ago

That would be unfortunate but honestly... not sure if I'd 100% buy Rockstars previous excuse for lack of content in general. It would be nice if they had that much artistic integrity but I'm guessing there was more to it than that. I would expect after some of the disappointments some long time fans aired they won't go the same exact route. I don't think it'll be San Andreas crazy but I do predict more freedom from the get-go in general.

PsycheMax2333d ago

I don't think so.
To be honest, that's San Andreas- Part 2 .
And with entire regions to exlpore, I don't think the game will be "serious" like GTA IV.

Or, at least, I hope so.

Double_Oh_Snap2333d ago

The rumor of multiple protagonists seems to be coming true. Heavy emphasis on old guy possibly mid 50s Vercetti, so I agree there. Cue Hispanic guy in red convertible looks young, now more varied gameplay seems better fit. Like fighter jet, and bmx riding as seen at for sale sign shot in the trailer. Just guesses really hopefully it comes out in may would be so epic.

Ezio20482333d ago

dont worry pal....
the "fun" you are reffering to will be very much in this game..

DeadManMcCarthy2333d ago

yeah that leads me to believe that there will be multiple protagonists for some reason i cant picture that middle aged guy riding one of those bmx bikes around los santos.

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Pintheshadows2333d ago

I can't really explain it but the trailer felt like GTA. It has that old school GTA feel about i.

t0mmyb0y2333d ago

Agreed. Felt more like San Andreas than GTA4

Wintersun6162333d ago

How do you people not want to have more realistic faces in GTA? Is there something I'm missing?

t0mmyb0y2333d ago

It would only make it look better right. Why not push graphics further if you can.

ps3deo2332d ago

i read somewhere that it will be out in may 2012. I think this is the official GTA V fan site by rockstar. They have new screenshots of the game posted!! i cant wait until it comes out!