GTA V: CJ Makes an appearance, Tommy & CJ to Return?

@Thrungus for @XG247 writes: Right, last one for the day, well unless those peeps churn out yet another bombshell.

So then, at close inspection at the earlier released GTA V Trailer and our most recent 'frame by frame' look at the trailer, we've uncovered something. And it may just be 'the big one'.

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MultiConsoleGamer2363d ago

That's clearly not CJ. Tommy Vercetti is dead. Google "tommy vercetti incident."

TheBeast2363d ago

Well I obviously couldn't find it...I know he was alive in Vice City, he killed Sonny

TheBlackMask2363d ago

Tommy is still alive and kicking

ReservoirDog3162363d ago

I doubt it's Tommy Vercetti really. I kinda would rather a new character anyways. Especially without Ray Liotta cause A. that wasn't his voice and b. we know he wouldn't work with R* again.

And you can't forget what Dan Houser said about GTA IV: "virtually none of the characters from the previous games returned, as a lot of them are dead anyway."

So yeah, Tommy Vercetti is most likely dead. And I can't imagine anything in the world being deadly enough to actually take down CJ but he's probably dead too. Was probably bigfoot or pigsy at mount chiliad.

MultiConsoleGamer2363d ago (Edited 2363d ago )

Tommy is dead. And the 16 people who disagreed with me don't know jack sh*t about GTA history.

Just for the record, people are assuming the new game is set in the 2012. This is true. That means Tommy Vercetti would be in his mid 60s, if he were still alive.

Do the math kids.

modesign2363d ago

wasnt the bum holding the sign

-Gespenst-2363d ago

The black dude could be Victor Vance. The lead character from Vice City Stories. Although the tattoos seem out of place... Probably not CJ. Doesn't really look like him. It might just be a new character, or maybe related to CJ in some way.

TheFallenAngel2363d ago

Ricardo Diaz killed victor.

Da One2363d ago

Not necessarily....Lance has two brohters. Vic and Pete...supposedly

Man In Black2363d ago

Rockstar themselves confirmed that Vic was killed at the start of Vice City. They just retconned him in VCS to be in better shape and have a different accent.

TheFallenAngel2363d ago

I hate CJ. Either Tommy or Tony (the guy from GTA 3) is the best.

Nykamari2363d ago

What did CJ do to you? All GTA main characters fit the games.

FlameHawk2363d ago (Edited 2363d ago )

@ TheFallenAngel Racist :0 only like white people huh?

swishersweets200312363d ago

probably all new characters.. but if you were to go on the theory of things, yeah tommy would of ended up a powerful business man almost going "legit" CJ would still be a hood rat and probably lost all his investments to the housing bubble. If that is cj that would be the upgraded ps3 version of cj instead of the ps2 version.

If not then i welcome the dual roles, start out as the rich guy trying to do the right thing but going south crooked, cos u can see he's robbing the bank, and black guy trying to survive the ghetto, and at some point the two meet and worlds collide.

I got a feeling either way this game will be san andrea's part 2 and if you want extra citys like las vanturas and san fierro then they probably will sell dlc packs with extra adventures and characters.

Tuxedo_Mask2363d ago (Edited 2363d ago )

I think I know what that version of GTAV might look like.

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