Your favourite comic book heroes unleashed with DC Universe Online

Sony Online Entertainment have announced that players can now download the very popular massively multiplayer online or MMO action game DC Universe Online

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killcycle2423d ago

Practically my entire list was on "unavailable" all night letting the update download.

Gonna be amazing tonight.

egidem2423d ago

It's actually pretty good. I'm having issues with the PS3 version as it keeps on freezing my PS3. It has happened 3 times now. I got a mission from Batman and the moment I clicked on accept, the entire thing froze.

Downloading the PC version though.

fourthpersonview2423d ago

I'd really like to play the game but damn the download size is a killer.

Felix3132423d ago

Why not just buy a disk second-hand, no download and you should get Premium access.

Ray1862423d ago

Wouldn't you still need the online pass if you brought used?

Tdmd2423d ago

I think I'll do just that. Really want to try it out!

ZombieAssassin2423d ago (Edited 2423d ago )

I don't think you can buy the disk second-hand, pretty sure the disc is locked to a console...if you can find a new copy though you'll be set. (Try calling local gamestops and see if they have any copies and see how much they want for them, mine I think just gave them away lol).

The download was killer though it took me around 7 hours to complete it and I have a pretty decent connection....even though it was only using about half of it.

Felix3132423d ago (Edited 2423d ago )

I bought the disk second-hand for £10 plus £10 for the first months sub (this was 4 months ago) was cheaper than buying new seeing as I just wanted to try it out, now the games F2P get the disk, dl the updates and you 'should' be on as a premium player (because you've got the disk they think you've spent enough money to hit the premium threshold).

The 30day trial is locked to the first account it's activated on - the disk is not locked to your account or machine.

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Old McGroin2423d ago

Yup, 14 gig is a killer to download, left it downloading for about 4 hours last night and when I went to check on it the PS3 had turned itself off with more than 12 gig left to download, damn you power saving settings!

Enjoyed the beta but have more important things to be spending money on than a monthly subscription for a videogame so skipped it first time around, fair play to Sony for the free download!

fourthpersonview2423d ago

Whoa, I didn't know you could continue the download once you've cancelled it.

I guess I'll try it again. lol

Ricksta_132423d ago

downloaded this overnight, bout 6 hours to complete !!

Soon to be a level 1 villian :-p

ZombieAssassin2423d ago

Pretty decent game especially for being F2P, it starts off slow (almost thought I wouldn't like it) but once you get a little further it gets better.

Only downside is when you get further a lot of the missions pretty much require you to either be higher level than the mission requires or have a group...which shouldn't be too hard to find as I think the game is more populated now than when it launched.

falloutx2423d ago

took me 8 hours to download. Its a great game i'm currently a level 11 hero.

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