GTA V Release Date Changed by Retailer, Trailer Soundtrack Revealed, Possible Character Hint

Following the release of the trailer for Rockstar’s GTA V, some new details have been uncovered including a UK retailer changing the game’s initial release date, the debut trailer’s soundtrack being revealed, as well as a possible hint to a character who’s made an appearance in the series.

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TheBeast1672d ago

If they combined Vice City, SA and GTA IV....*brain explode*

R4MBO1672d ago

I wonder why Zavvi changed the release date?

doctorstrange1672d ago

A weirdly specific date too

NYC_Gamer1672d ago

really hope we do see more characters from the older version appear

jazzking20011672d ago

That release date seems sensible

john21672d ago

November seems like a good launch window. Can't wait to see more

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