Move Support Arrives For inFamous 2

Did you like the way Sucker Punch implemented PlayStation Move support in inFamous: Festival of Blood? Or were you hoping to use your glowing controller to electrocute people without having to buy a new game? In that case, you will be happy to hear that the original inFamous 2 has received an update to include motion support. - PSLS

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iamnsuperman2213d ago

My main gripe for the motion controls is there is no way to change the box (seen in Killzone and Socom) when it comes to turning and also I found the pointer was over sensitive. If they add a way to adjust the settings it could be 10x better

decimalator2213d ago

nice, it's good to see some actual games getting Move support. As essentially a 3rd person shooter, infamous is a good fit for it

Sev2213d ago

I hear that the implementation is very good, too. At least it was for Festival of Blood.

D3stinySm4sher2213d ago

My roommates mock every game that has Move support, but...if it's just an extra OPTION, I don't see the problem. I kind of stick to my Wii for motion gaming, but I like seeing the option get added, as I feel Move can provide more precision than the Kinect, which is more for wide-spread body movements than pinpoint accuracy.

Biggest2213d ago

Your roommates are mocking a lot of great games. Maybe they should take up needlepoint as a hobby. Gaming obviously doesn't work for them.

stormeagle62213d ago

It's understandable to mock the move perhaps, but to mock games that use it simply as an alternate control scheme? Really? So if Skyrim had Move controls, they would mock it?

Lifewish2213d ago

Good news but I no longer have my move :(

insertcoin2213d ago

Meh, don't care for the Move. Never have.

yesmynameissumo2213d ago

Even more reason to comment. I don't like brussels sprouts. Thought I'd share useless shit too.

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The story is too old to be commented.