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GameDynamo - "I ran, I fought, I sneaked, and I even wooed a few she-cats with my guitar skills, but the whole time I was irked by the lack of control the game gives you throughout the whole trip. "

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ExPresident2362d ago

Let me put on my shocked face. Now that the shock of the score is over /sacrasm ...

I honestly don't believe any games like this are meant to be good. They put just enough work in them to make money off the people who would actually buy it anyway and they know its not many and thats it. Kids see the movie, kids tell their parents to buy the game, parents do, and the devs pocket easy cash from a movie that was good but for a game that sucks.

end of story.

360ICE2362d ago (Edited 2362d ago )

There are countless creative mini games a cat with a sword goddamn it and hillariously written dialogue. What more could you want!? One of my favs this year. It's not game of the year but i will sell my house if it doesnt at least get nominated for best childrens game.

In fact I've got two words for ya:
Expect the unexpected. Because this cat will blow your socks off with his wacky antics and unexpected humor. Truly the game of the gods.