Skyrim on Steam Could Release on November 10th

According to Bethesda's Pete Hines: Skyrim countdown clocks on Steam "are currently wrong" and Bethesda is "working on" a potential November 10th Steam release thanks to Eastern Time Zone release.

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Julie2180d ago

I hope so! i want to play yesterday =:3

Then again my download speed is not very good =(

lance422180d ago

So maybe those 3 extra hours will help!! :D

MajorJackHoff2180d ago

Bring it on, Skyrim. Bring it on...

papashango2180d ago

Oh steam here I was thinking about buying a boxed copy. I'll keep my ears perked for a few days for confirmation

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lMHl2180d ago

Well in australia we are about 24 hours ahead of the us so we will get it 1 day before you

athmaus2180d ago

Meh i want this on 360 ;)

MajorJackHoff2180d ago

Why though? I mean, if that's all you can play it on then sure, but you act as if you're choosing the 360 over the PC lol.

Are_The_MaDNess2180d ago (Edited 2180d ago )

again with the couch XD

you guys never learn

[EDIT:] wrong reply XD

caboose322180d ago (Edited 2180d ago )

You actually "want" the inferior version?

Man oh man.

lifesanrpg2180d ago

While i whole-heartedly agree that Skyrim on PC will be better, i can understand why some prefer the console.

play on your couch, ability to trade it in after....anything else?

Pikajew2180d ago

His PC probably can't run it

caboose322180d ago (Edited 2180d ago )

I play my computer games on a 42" LED tv while on my bed, and do regular things like this on my 24" monitor on a desk. The couch argument is totally irrelevant.


Ha that sucks man. I recently bought the big tv for my bedroom just so i can play my pc games on it. I should of bought a new computer with the money I spent on it, because i dont even watch tv on it.

lifesanrpg2180d ago


I know mine can't :( help a brother out with some spare change for a new pc please :)

lifesanrpg2180d ago

@caboose32 girlfriend makes me keep my computer in the guest bedroom/office with no tv....just my desk, a couch, and a small monitor... :( i envy those who can play on their tv.

athmaus2180d ago

ACTUALLY my PC can run it...i just prefur it on my 360. i like the controls better.,

I know i miss out on modding and stuff, but i work from home and live in my office already...need a reason to get out ;)

Letros2180d ago (Edited 2180d ago )

Controls are the same on PC and Xbox using the 360 controller...

Just say you love your Xbox a lot and wouldn't want to neglect it, we'll accept this one.

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caboose322180d ago


Setting key binds?
You don't even need to do that with skyrim.

And you can just hook an xbox controller to your pc and dont even have to set any buttons.

sohaben2180d ago

Well i actually cant tell the difference. The gameplay videos are on 360 and the game looks beautiful. PC graphics may be a little bit better, but im not going to change the platform im comfortable with based on a little boost in graphics.

the thing that kills me, that really makes me want PC is the MODS...waaaaa

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Drazz2180d ago

I'm gettin for 360 (already preordered) but if I can play even a day earlier, I would get it on Pc and 360.

Troll-without-Bridge2180d ago

I rather wait one more day and get the Skyrim map ^^

lumley6662180d ago

my pc can run it on max settings, and i can hook it up to my 47inch HD tv, tho im still undecided whether to get it for my ps3 or pc, i dont really knw why tbh, my steam mate laughs at me lol i just like gaming on my ps3, i genrally play games on pc thati cant get for ps3. tho if i can get it a day earlier on pc that might swing it for me lol, i think the main reason i prefere ps3 is my friends mostly are on ps3.

anyway time will tell lol

sohaben2180d ago

well you cant play online, so your friends being on ps3 shouldnt matter. If you can play it on PC, you should. If for anything, do it for the mods. (btw, i play on 360)

lumley6662180d ago

its not the point of playing it online, i just like my online community wid me ps3, cud chat an things wid my mates on psn, i just dont knw lol i will prob get it for pc tho wud be rude not too lol