PlayStation Vita 1st Party Accessories Trailer Released

JI writes: "Check out the latest trailer to surface regarding the PlayStation Vita’s upcoming release in Japan. Many eyes have been hot on the trail of this handheld which sports rear and front cameras, high-resolution graphics, dual analog thumbsticks (not nubs), and of course front touch screen and rear touch pad. Anything less than first party accessories for such a beast of a game system would just be uncivilized. And so, here we are with a trailer revealing some of the tech you can pick up by Sony for accessorizing your Vita with."

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NYC_Gamer2447d ago

this has to be the only handheld that i am really hyped about all the features along with first/3rd party support

jaredhart2447d ago

Still need a little more convincing to get a Vita. I'm just not much into handhelds.

jujubee882447d ago

Why do not like handhelds?

rezzah2447d ago

So like what more are you expecting from a handheld? That they can teleport you anywhere you want?

If so then I'm sure you'd be long dead before that technology (if possible) is mentioned.

The Vita is closer to a home system than any other handheld available. None of them come close to what the Vita can handle.

Agheil2447d ago

TOTALLY understood everything lol

Kurisu2447d ago

I think she said something about...memory cards? ;p

Ddouble2447d ago (Edited 2447d ago )

The trailer came out couple weeks ago.

Here's the full one showing all the accessories

I personally want the:
Leather Case with the strap
Docking Station
Portable Charger
32GB Memory Card
Screen protector.

All that plus the Vita and Launch games, my wallet will never be ready.

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