What makes Sonic Generations Unique?

Sonic, the beloved blue hedgehog strikes back for a new game, Sonic Generations. Despite its infamous predecessors, this title will most likely be worth its $60 price tag. Only some Sonic titles have been good enough to be worth their price like the old retro Sonic’s and even some recent Sonic games like Sonic Colors. But then there are titles like: Sonic Riders, Sonic the Hedgehog (PS3/360), Sonic the Fighters, ect. That were just downright terrible and brought shame to the franchise. Because of all these bad games that now define the franchise, nearly everyone has lost hope in our little blue friend. Now, however, there is a ray of hope. Sonic Generations brings something different and unique to the table that might rejuvenate the series despite its errors. So the big question here is: What makes Sonic Generations unique?

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