PushStartSelect: DC Universe Free to Play Released, Our Opinion

PushStartSelect: "DC Universe didn’t get too bad of reviews and the fan reaction to it was pretty good. However like most MMO’s it didn’t make it the long haul and somewhat simmered down over time. Of course this, like other big MMO’s such as APB, turned it into a free-to-play game.Here is our take"

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DA_SHREDDER2451d ago (Edited 2451d ago )

Turned it on for the first time since January, yeup, its still fun as heck, and now its free. Anyone with anything bad to say about this game probably never played it yet or ti begin with in the first place. Sure there are things that still need tweaked, but man this game is fun and it's pretty.

P_Bomb2451d ago

I look forward returning to it and helping out some new faces, provided that people are willing to take advantage of the opportunity and actually download it. Should be a no brainer, but I've been wrong before.

LaughingFish2451d ago

I enjoy this article. However, I feel it lacks a certain something. Oh, I know what is is: sexual metaphors. No discussion of MMOs, the sexiest of genres, is complete with it. Allow me to suggest:

Pikajew2451d ago

I am liking the game. I made a villain :) and now I am level 7

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