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Detoxx2446d ago

Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare.. A brand new game! Modern Warfare 2, new maps and weapons! 60 Bucks for you. And now, Modern Warfare 3!!!!!!! Again new maps and weapons for just 60 bucksss!

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zerocrossing2446d ago (Edited 2446d ago )

What I don't understand is, why so many gamers feel the need to bad mouth other games (usually the games in direct competition with their favourite franchise), it only leads to segregation within the gaming community, further leading to idiot fuelled fanboy wars.

Why not just admit that we are all different, we have different tastes and different opinions on what we think is "the best"? Why not just get on with playing whatever you like? Instead of forcing the reasons you think game (X) is so much better than game (Y) on everyone else?.

As gamers we all should realise that there is no "best game", It's all just personal preference and opinion.