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Thomas Leclerc of Brash Games writes "Battlefield 3 is absolutely brilliant. It’s a title that will have me glued to my screen pretty much every night for the next three or four months. Fundamentally, it’s one of the best games ever produced, and I can’t really give it anything less than a full 10/10, with a special award for awesome packaging".

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ShottySnipa4172359d ago

I wouldn't give the whole package a 10... You give a game a 10 when EVERYTHING about the game is pixel perfect. However, this game's lackluster campaign and the co-op mode left much to be desired.

The multiplayer, though, is brilliant, and should be the reason why anyone should buy a Battlefield title.

banner2359d ago

You are just exaggerating with the "pixel perfect" right?

nano882359d ago

the multiplayer is a 10 but not the SP

Hufandpuf2359d ago

As much as I love the game, a 9.5 is more justifiable.

RaptorGTA2359d ago the game as well..but a 10 it is not. IMO any review score of 8.9 to 9.5 is fine.

Panthers2359d ago

Trying to make a decision. Playing with a friend, which is better? BF3 or UC3? Mainly talking co-op. I am obviously leaning towards UC3 because the single player never dissapoints and I would like to get both but I just dont have the time to justify that.