Call of Duty to Have 3 Year Dev Cycle? No BF3 Influence on MW3, and More – Sledgehammer Games

MP1st - "Sledgehammer Games talks about the development cycle of Call of Duty going forward, the lack of Battlefield 3 Influence on Modern Warfare 3, among other things."

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Hitman07692421d ago

Sledgehammer is who again?

Criminal2421d ago

Ex-Visceral Games founders moved on to Activision and formed Sledgehammer Games.

NYC_Gamer2421d ago

ohhh,so the dead space dudes.

firefoxprime2421d ago

What dev cycle? Just copy n' paste....>.>

egidem2421d ago (Edited 2421d ago )


Dead Space series, including Extraction and also Dante's Inferno (If my memory is correct).

I just remembered that my PS3 copy of Dead Space 2 came with Dead Space Extraction. I should probably check it out, since I've got a PS3 Move.

iamnsuperman2421d ago

wouldn't be surprised about the development cycle time. Beneficial for Activison and the developers

TopDudeMan2421d ago

I think that way, it'd be better for everybody. The publisher, the developers, the franchise, and the gamers.

MasterD9192421d ago (Edited 2421d ago )

Lets see what they come up with...

Nitrowolf22421d ago

stop changing your comment lol.
well obviously there will be another one next year and probably from treyarch or these guys. either way it's gonna alternate

MasterD9192421d ago

I made errors ;)

I'm interested in seeing where they go with it though...back to WW2? WW3 is being covered in MW3, BO has different eras down already and that really leaves the past or future...

Soldierone2421d ago

No influence? Then explain why their "big" trailer had several shots of emphasizing the glass breaking everywhere? lol

For the sake of the better gamess, I hope they BOTH took influence from each other in some regards. Thats what real developers do.

Criminal2421d ago

"I hope they BOTH took influence from each other in some regards."

Exactly, all games have to get cues from each other to better the overall player experience.

Mister_V2421d ago

For sure. It it makes the game better, I don't see how anyone could complain.

gamingdroid2421d ago

Glass breaking everywhere?

Can you clarify?... as I'm not connecting the dots.

Bladesfist2421d ago

Smashing glass = destruction is it not. The multiplayer reveal of mw3 was 80% smashing glass.

gamingdroid2421d ago (Edited 2421d ago )

Ah, I see... I didn't connect the dots, since breaking glass is something that happened in many other games including CoD (in single player campaign), before BF3 was released.

I remember an awesome scene in MW2, where you breach into the room, glass is flying everywhere and time goes slow mo as you pick out the enemy.

So destructible environment isn't an exclusive to BF3, it just more pronounced.

I do know that CoD (as far as I know) introduced the control scheme BF3 is using though... nothing wrong with that, but pointing out that it's preferable that companies introduce positive things regardless of where that idea comes from in my opinion.

Mister_V2421d ago

I just don't get what a 3rd series in Call of Duty could be. They did WWII, Cold War, and Modern Warfare. It'd have to be in space!

Nitrowolf22421d ago (Edited 2421d ago )

I think it was rumored to be a MMO
other then that yeah. I can't see them going back in time any further then WW2 and even that has gotten stale

Hockeydud192417d ago

Well the action adventure one was canned and I was actually looking forward to what that might of been. Project Iron wolf is the rumor that seems most likely. I really would like to see like a WW2 game from them again. Modern Warfare games have been overused in half the time that people started getting bored with WW2. I'd like to see the darker side of WW2. Not winning every single battle etc. Bulge and so on.

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