Will Grand Theft Auto V be too serious?

The Grand Theft Auto V trailer has naturally got players excited but James Bowden feels a need to ask - 'Why so serious?'

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NYC_Gamer2453d ago

i am happy with the serious story line let the silly stuff be optional

NukaCola2453d ago

Just give variety. GTA IV was to linear and it made the world feel blank.

Tanir2453d ago

yup for me, no tanks or military = no play, no rent no turn of head.

Gta used to be so fun and was all about the fun.

i miss the electric guns and running over 10 elvis's at the same time, besides that san andreas was actually fun

Christopher2453d ago

It felt just as linear as the previous games to me.

Anyone else thinking they will release an HD collection late next year to get people amped for the next game's release?

Christopher2453d ago

Agree with NYC_Gamer. You can have a main story that is serious and still offer up enough sillyness in the city.

MultiConsoleGamer2453d ago

For the first time ever I wasn't impressed with a GTA trailer.

Johandevries2453d ago

I got impressed after watching it like 10 times and gradually noticed all the details and animations. But in general it does not make such a powerful impression as the first GTA IV images. But the game is what matters. I am just not the biggest fan of San Andreas

Tanir2453d ago

if it takes u 10 times to get impressed then u just forced ur self to be impressed.

you should be impressed the first time, otherwise its a fail.

game looks ok, its just gta without all the fun stuff the old gta's prior to gta4 had

DigitalRaptor2453d ago

@ Tanir

"its just gta without all the fun stuff the old gta's prior to gta4 had"

How can you know that? The trailer was a 1:20 teaser!

AliTheBrit4202453d ago

IF its just like GTA IV

But with more features, more choices and most importantly a long list of FUN CHEATS

no problems will be had.

Sc0pe922453d ago ShowReplies(1)
kurochi2453d ago

Than get Saints Row 3? SR:2 was over the top ridiculous and fun. Just a note before I get an ass-chewing, I enjoyed GTA:IV also.

PhantomT14122453d ago

Yep it's nice to have two games similar at a first look but different in what they're trying to achieve.

Saints Row continuing the San Andreas over the top fun and now creating their own madness.
GTA going realistic.

Anyone noticed the suppressed AKs held by the robbers in the trailer? I hope that means weapon customization. I hope we get realistic weapon inventory this time like in recent FPS and TPS (no RPG appearing from your pocket). And we could still have cheats to get everything we want the old way when we feel like destroying everything...

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