Grand Theft Auto V Debut Trailer Impressions: San Andreas, Baby

GameDynamo - "I miss Niko Bellic. Though I am presently occupied with riddle number 136 of Batman: Arkham City, I must admit I've had an ear to the ground for rumblings of GTA V. Where will the next entry take place? Who will guide my tour through the next trip to Vice City or Liberty Island? What amazing musical artists will topline GTA V's inevitably awesome soundtrack? What new mechanics will there be to help me build my criminal enterprise? There are dozens of questions, and up until a few hours ago, almost zero answers. "

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T3MPL3TON 2271d ago

Couldn't be happier. GTA SA had the best game world. I hope they bring back the awesomeness that was driving around in the country side for hours just exploring.

ForROME2271d ago

I think they should have waited till next gen