Cliffy B: Mass Effect 3 pre-demo is "beautiful"

Cliff Bleszinski is known as the Gears of War lead designer, but recently he played through the Mass Effect 3 predemo. From the clip, shown below, Cliff claims that the predemo is “beautiful, Bioware is really stepping it up a notch” on the final installment of the series.

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BakedGoods2363d ago

Of course it is, it's running on his engine.

Still, ME3: day one.

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NukaCola2363d ago

Bioware and Rocksteady are the two developers who can run the UE3 just as good as Epic themselves.

Godmars2902363d ago

Why are they saying nothing about the SP campaign? If anything has been added or refined to it.

The way that they're talking far too much in promotion of the new MP is going to do nothing to make RPG fans interested in it.

TheBlackMask2363d ago

Because they've BS us since day 1

There will hardly be any RPG elements in this game and it will be nothing like the first ME as they promised. It will have more action and will play more like a TPS then a RPG which made the first game unique.

I think it'sw the reason why they brought MP in to the game, the whole "OMG Multiplayer in ME" is a big distraction to keep us from asking the "Where are the RPG elements you promised" questions.

CommanderWTF2363d ago (Edited 2363d ago )

I've seen videos of the Mass Effect 3 campaign and I can assure you the RPG elements are deeper than they were in Mass Effect 2. Not quite as deep as Mass effect 1, but deep enough to be satisfying.


Because it's supposed to be a linear third person shooter to appeal the masses. Bioware fucking franchises since Kotor.

-Kotor1 game of the year, kotor2 feels like a flop if played first one.

-Dragon age....simply amazing, the second one...flop.

-Me1 and Me2 were awesome RPG's, Me3 plans to TPS and fuck the franchise with stuff that are not needed(MP).

hudsoniscool2363d ago

the team behind mass effect 1, 2 were the guys that made kotor, jade empire. thats 4 amazing games. they didnt make dragon age or DA 2, and kotor 2 wasnt even made by bioware. IF you said your yourself that kotor and me1 n me2 were great than why doubt a team of guys who never let you down.
By the way ive seen the extended demo of ME3 (you can 2 go to youtube) and it shows some of the rpg elements. Way more rpg elements than ME2 and all kinds off attachments for the guns.

TheBlackMask2363d ago

Kind of makes me laugh that he has a "NERD" shirt on yet seems like the sort of person who would of messed around and called them in Highschool to impress the popular kids.

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rattletop2363d ago

got my early access or whatever it is for the ME multiplayer demo with my bf3 copy. Can't wait. 2012 also looks good- me3, maxpayne 3, and maybe GTA5 and AC3. woohoo!

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