Uncharted 3 - All 101 Treasures in Less than 20 Minutes

GameXplain: "Join us as we walk you through every treasure location...all 101 one of them. And in less than 20 minutes at that!"

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blaze22-qwerty2421d ago

Who plays like this i play to enjoy the GAME not rushing to collect treasures in 20 min

colonel1792421d ago

I prefer to enjoy the story with its own pace than slow it down looking for treasures. This game has less hidden and more obvious ones, but still is a chore (for me) to get them.

I usually get them in my third or even fourth play through, and sometimes even months later.

LightSamus2421d ago

Just because the video is 20 minutes long, doesn't mean it'll take 20 minutes to gather the treasure. Depending on how many you found yourself, you could have to play most of the game again.

Jls12421d ago

what im doing is just playing threw the story and not worrying about the treasures first but i am gettting the ones that are pretty obvious