7.0 - The Lord of the Rings: War in the North Review "Most movie-to-game titles generally share the same problem; when two completely different media for art collides, either one will oftentimes come out on top of the other. It's not that a game is worse than a film at delivering an engaging story or a memorable experience, but being two completely different media of entertainment, the transition doesn't usually end well. The rule of thumb tends to be whichever platform the franchise comes out on first is better, but every once and a while we get something that really breaks the mold. The Lord of the Rings has had a series of hit-or-miss titles all trying to recapture the essence of the popular books and films, but there's always been something directly lacking from the full scope of Tolkien's world when compressed into a video game. That is, until War in the North came around."

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mephman2301d ago

Doesn't seem too bad - just not what people were probably hoping for.

Styx2301d ago

Played some at Eurogamer and it was lacking....It could be great but i felt it was missing a thing or two

fozzness2301d ago

Played some of this at E3.. it definitely wasn't the worst game there... but still not the greatest...