3 low-hype games you don't want to miss

Lost in the flood of triple-A releases are some gems that you won't want to miss out on.

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THR1LLHOUSE2448d ago

That Pixeljunk game looks slick. I love a good Tron aesthetic.

SybaRat2448d ago

Wait, why didn't this mention Battlefield 3, or Modern Warfare 3, or Uncharted 3, or...oh. Right. Other games exist.

idontgetit2448d ago

Orcs are the new zombies.

Sadie21002448d ago

Ha, you're probably right, there. There have been a lot of orcs lately.

Hicken2448d ago

Aren't zombies the new orcs, and orcs are just taking it back? Orcs are the new orcs, like black is the new black.

NagaSotuva2448d ago

I might check out that LOTR game if I can convince a couple of my friends to buy it.