GamesOnSmash: Payday The Heist Review: GOTY on PSN?

Available on PS3 and PC, Payday The Heist is in my opinion the GOTY on PSN. You play as 4 crew members attempting a series of Heist.

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Szarky2363d ago

I'm surprised anyone buys games like this so close to MW3, BF3, Uncharted 3.

vortis2363d ago

Just about to ask the same thing.

I know it's budget-priced but even Halo: Anniversary seems like it's walking a fine-line of almost being ignored by the super-blockbuster-budget FPS's this fall.

2363d ago
BlackTar1872363d ago

this game is alot of fun. try it out when you get a chance

KwietStorm2363d ago

Why not? It's $20 and it's a very fun co-op game. It actually always surprises me when hardcore gamers (I assume because it's the same people who actually visit gaming discussion forums) when people speak as if it's uncommon or not stat-quo to buy multiple games close to each other, regardless of how 'big' the game(s) may be.

CharlesDCI2363d ago

Payday is a great title. The fun factor is out the roof, and you have to communicate or there is no reason to play the game with others.

Replay value is out the roof as well..

zeddy2363d ago

its was released the same day as uncharted in the eu... would have bought it if they released it the same day as the americans. too little too late sony.

2363d ago
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