Gamefly to Start Beta Trade-In Program

Paul Munn of Aeropause noticed that Gamefly is slowly testing out a program that will allow players to trade-in used games. While it sounds like a good idea in theory, Paul looks at the fine print and found some issues.

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jinn3954d ago

renting games is so last generation

KidMakeshift3954d ago

Yeah, the whole "try before you buy" concept is so passe

THX71683953d ago

So, lets say 6 games are being released in December. You would rather pay ~$360 to buy those games than pay $20 to rent them.

If by "renting games is so last generation" you mean renting games at locations like Blockbuster then I do agree.

I was actually stupid enough to buy King Kong for the 360 when it launch. I had never played it and it looks pretty cool. I ended up spending $60 on a piece of sh|t game. Thanks to GameFly I never have to make a mistake like that again.

EVERY gamer should get GameFly.

KidMakeshift3952d ago


King Kong wasn't that bad. I thought that and Condemned were good launch games.

Bnet3433954d ago

GameFly owns, I hope they go with this. :)

KidMakeshift3954d ago (Edited 3953d ago )

Gameznflix offers members to trade-in games, but I haven't heard any kind of feedback about if it works or not.

THX71683953d ago

I think they will be adding this service to their site. I'm in the beta program but have no use for it since I don't purchase games anymore. I've heard good things about it though.

GamezNflix is horrible. I have a Netflix account and a GameFly account. I decided to cancel those and just get one account for both games and movies. I used GamezNflix and it was the biggest mistake of my life. Horrible, horrible service.