Rumour round-up (with pictures); are Tommy Vercetti, Claude Speed or CJ in the GTA V trailer?

SystemLink: "We've got a painstakingly detailed GTA V analysis over here - but one rumour that's cropping up is whether three past GTA protagonists will made an appearance. So, we took to the internet, and here's what we've found."

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whatthedeuce2176d ago

Vercetti is definitely there, but I'm pretty doubtful on CJ. It's kinda hard to see Claude in there, as there's so many people that don't even know that's his name.

Pikajew2176d ago

CJ became rich at the end of GTA SA. The guy on the Jet ski can be CJ

TheBlackMask2176d ago

Well apparently Ray Liotta's repsentatives have said he will not be voicing any character in GTAV.

Theres two things that could have happened.

Rockstar have told them to keep a tight lid on info OR they have recasted him...which I hope they havent because the voice acting by Ray is what made Tommy so likable and funny.

ZeroChaos2176d ago (Edited 2176d ago )

Or maybe its not Tommy...

RememberThe3572176d ago (Edited 2176d ago )

Haha thats what I was thinking. We really have no idea who the main character is right now. We all assume it's the guy whos talking but this is Rockstar we're talking about, curve balls are their specialty.

2176d ago
swishersweets200312176d ago

I think its a new guy, but they modeled the gta character after the classic look of claude and vercetti, full head of dark hair, masculine face.mafioso style caracter.

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The story is too old to be commented.