Uncharted 3 argues for the hyper-linear game

"Linear" might be a bad word in modern game design, but it's got a new champion in Uncharted 3, the most aggressively linear game in a long time.

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smashcrashbash2426d ago

Hyper-linear? Have journalists gotten to the point that they are making things up now? How is UC 'hyper linear'?

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Thatguy-3102426d ago

Totally agree with everything this article says !!!!!! Uncharted is a game where open world would stripe it from its best qualities..what I don't understand is why reviewers are whining about it when they were fine with the past installments O.o

TBM2426d ago (Edited 2426d ago )

Personally im glad that all games are not open world, i don't have that much time in the day just to play them. Im perfectly much having linear games.

aquamala2426d ago

but why does it have to be that linear? why can't you make decisions that affects the story, or even get different endings? when you get to a new area (like Nepal in Uncharted 2) don't you wish you can explore a little and do some side missions? they can be optional so people can do the main missions only if they want to. that would greatly increase the replay value of the game . I tried to replay Uncharted 2 but couldn't because I already saw everything in the first playthrough.

smashcrashbash2426d ago

Its not that type of game. Can you do side missions or anything in most FPSs. No you can't. Some games are just not like that. Do you expect every game to be open world with side missions and have moral choices? That is what Infamous is for.Think about it. Drake is trying to get to a treasure before someone else does and stops to save a cat out of a tree. It interupts the pacing and flow of the game.

When I played Oblivion, I was doing so many things I forgot what main quest was. I never get how people are going on a quest to stop the destruction of the world and have time to open businesses, pick flowers and raise chickens etc.Can we please stop pretending the UC3 is the most linear game ever? I'll get the list out if I have too.

ginsunuva2426d ago

No side missions; that would be dumb. It would be like some western cowboy going out his way of saving his family to pick some flowers for some stranger *cough*

But some more open traversal options would be great.

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THR1LLHOUSE2426d ago

That's the cool thing about games...You can have your Skyrims or whatever that just plop you into a world, and you can have your Uncharteds that guide you along a path. The latter tend to have better stories, but they're not necessarily *the best* stories...if that makes any sense.

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Optical_Matrix2426d ago

Thing is, and don't flame me for this, but what open world games do you know that deliver as tight, well paced and concise story telling as a linear game like Uncharted? Arkham City got it right. It was a mix of linear gameplay and open world element and the story was delivered in an extremely direct way.

SybaRat2426d ago

True, but by his very nature, Batman can't sport the half-tuck. FAIL! :P

Nac2426d ago

If I want a story to experience, UC is the way to go. If I want to be transported to a world, Skyrim is my approach. People who say there isn't room for both are idiots. If we had more experiences like UC3 then we wouldn't need *hitty Hollywood adaptations. UC3 might not have had the innovation that 2 had but I would still say it was a better experience. What is gameplay if not a Palette for story. I will never understand those who will knock something done if it doesn't take leaps and jumps in interface. For things like UC3, the controls should be as seemless and automatic as turning a page in a book.

Also, the desert scenes that took place after the plane crash. WOW...

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