EA: Battlefield 3 is a 'long term service'

Destructoid - EA executive vice president Patrick Soderlund has said that the launch of Battlefield 3 was just a "starting point" for the game, the beginning of what he believes is a service as opposed to a game. Presumably, that's his way of saying they've got shitloads of DLC to sell you.

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DA_SHREDDER2305d ago (Edited 2305d ago )

Sh*t loads huh? Thats pretty ironic compared to my feelings for the game. Played it, and was not impressed at all. Definitely over hyped and is not the COD killer everyone dreamt it up to be. Next.

Edit: Agreed Mr Tretton. If only it was a game worth investing in?

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Optical_Matrix2305d ago

In my opinion, it rapes COD. EA/DICE never said they were going to dethrone COD and sell like 20 million copies of the game, all they wanted was to make a much better game than COD, and one that will chip off some of it's marketshare.

End of the day, to me, Battlefield 3 represents everything I want from a modern day military FPS. I don't even like FPS too much (the only one I've ever bought and enjoyed before BF3 is Bad Company 2 and the past 2 Killzone games), but I'm loving BF3.

The weapon customisation is deep, with hundreds of unlocks from Bipods for your assault rifle to heatseekers for when you're flying in your helicopter.

The Maps are huge and so well designed and fun to play on that at times it really feels like you're in a warzone, even on the console version with its 24 player games.

Attention to detail is above and beyond Call of Duty, from the way your camera tilts when you come out of prone, the sound design, the way you can have 3 modes of fire on many of the assault weapons for different situations, it's all a great package.

If all COD can do, which seems to be the case, is improve on the gimmick of perks to make the experience even more unbalanced than Modern Warfare 2 then DICE has already made the better game. Considering that personally, I won't get bored of the current maps and content for ages, and I'm really looking forward to Back to Karkand, It's exciting to hear more expansions are on the way as DICE seem to have supported Battlefield 2 in a similar way as well.

mcstorm2305d ago

I agree with you but i dont want bf3 to start out selling cod as this will meam alot of annoying and wineing people playing the game like you get on cod or fifa where you are winning so they quit. Bf is all about team work and cod is just a run and gun game.

Mr Tretton2305d ago

Yearly, impressive DLC (worthy of being called an expansion), every year, for the next couple of years would be better than pumping out a $60 reskin plus overpriced maps once a year...

hadriker2305d ago (Edited 2305d ago )

If they pump out DLC like Bad Companies Vietnam and the upcoming Karkand that is more than just a few new maps, but new models weapons, you know a true expansion, like in the old days before the term "DLC" existed.

paying 15.00 for a few new isn't going to win me over.

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younglj012305d ago

I bet any amount of money that they will release something on tha launch day of MW3.....

lorianguy2305d ago

Just like Activision has a double XP weekend for all CoDs 4+ on the release of battlefield 3.

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