Gran Turismo changed my life

Gran Turismo proved that racing games could look and sound incredible.

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THR1LLHOUSE2451d ago

I don't think I've ever been this excited by an attract-mode/trailer or whatever at the beginning of the game.

Now I feel like my life is just a little bit more dull than I thought...

SybaRat2451d ago

Ah, sweet memories. From a time before GT started trying way, way too hard to one-up itself.

Sadie21002451d ago

My friend actually bought an Acura Integra because he liked how it drove in Gran Turismo. And he wasn't disappointed with the real thing, either.

NagaSotuva2451d ago

I haven't touched this series since GT2. I guess cars are not my thing.

Hicken2451d ago

GT2 was, to me, the low-point of the series. It didn't feel like an evolution of the series, the cars looked flatter, for some reason... GT1 will always have a spot in my heart as the game that got me into racing, and KEPT me from being a one-dimensional RPG player.

admanb2451d ago

I'm not really sold on the "life-changing" aspect of this story...

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