Battlefield 3 Common Courtesy Rules

PushStartSelect: "I know the world is starting to truly lack common courtesy on every level, but I thought the video game industry could be the leading example of nice people. Yes common curtsey for all you people out there is when you actually do something nice for another person out of general respect for mankind. Like I said it doesn’t seem to exist in a lot of instances, and Battlefield 3 is starting to turn into just another scenario of problems. So let’s change it! Not really, I know none of this will ever happen but hey I thought I would make a humorous read for you guys. So let’s have a fun filled rant shall we?"

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BrianC62342419d ago

Common Courtesy rule #1. Don't kill anyone. That's not polite.

ambientFLIER2419d ago

So...where does driving a full transport vehicle off a cliff stand?