Auto-Aim Killed The FPS

There was a time when publishers did not require developers to include auto-aim in their games. Half-life (PS2), Black (Xbox/PS2), Killzone (PS2), Medal of Honor (PSX), and other titles were all considered top-tier games, yet no one complained that these titles didn’t have an auto-aim feature.

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Ulf2454d ago (Edited 2454d ago )

I agree completely. This is the cheapest, lamest feature of games like CoD. Probably it's also why they are popular -- they remove enough skill from the game to make it so the masses can compete with the truly great gamer.

MAG has no auto-aim, which is one of the many reasons I see it as superior to CoD... and probably one of the many reasons so many CoD chumps couldn't deal with it. It was "too hard". Laughable, considering that a MP-only game's difficulty is entirely based on the relative skill of the participants.

Agent-862454d ago (Edited 2454d ago )

@Ulf, well said and I agree. None of the Battlefield games have auto-aim, either, which is why they take more skill than your typical COD type game. If the game has auto-aim, then I won't play it. This also really seems to be the plague/scourge of consoles as you don't see FPS games on PC with auto-aim or even aim-assist.