Dungeon Defenders Sells over 200k Copies

Trendy Entertainment, the indie company that made Dungeon Defenders has announced that the game has sold over 200 000 PC copies.

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The_Kills2449d ago

Best digital title I've ever played on the consoles period. Truely astounding how fleshed out something of this sort of game can be considering the limitations of console controllers.

Letros2449d ago

200,000 on PC, 50,000 on all other platforms, once again Steam proving itself for indie games.

Dark_Overlord2449d ago

We in the EU would probably contribute to the psn numbers, but once again SCEE are being f***ing useless c***s and haven't released it yet. We only just got Payday today :/

negroguy2449d ago

This really is one of the greatest indie games. I've put in some time into this. They need to go ahead and release that DLC for those other 2 classes so I can buy it.

maawdawg2448d ago

I agree, DD is probably the best $15 I have spent on gaming this year. Between this and Space Pirates and Zombies I have got a ton of hours out of two little $15 indie games this fall.

Seafort2449d ago

Hmm i thought PC gaming was dead! :D