Are Developers Losing Their Creativity?

Capcom recently unveiled their final two characters for the upcoming Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3, both very creative and extremely different to anything seen in a fighting game before. But now in the later years of gaming, are other developers running out of ideas?

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Ddouble2274d ago

I have to agree with the new characters in UMvC3. They're all very unique. I can't wait to see them in tournaments

SageHonor2274d ago

Nope, Developers are very creative. At the end of the day, this industry is about making profit and providing entertainment. Certain business tactics that are practiced just happens to stagnate creativity. Great things happen however, when designers, animators, and artist work together without any extreme interference from publishers. :)

3GenGames2274d ago

They're creative, they are just being restricted by what the publisher orders up and sets out for them to do. Call of Duty is the best example. I'm sure there's great talent there, despite the best leaving. But still, I'm sure if they could use it they'd put out a great game. But Activison is the ruler and won't allow that.

sarshelyam2274d ago

Character may be unique, but a unique game it makes? NO! It's still a vs fighting game...

...and to call into question other releases this holiday season as "generic" with UMvC3 being the title in which to challenge them? Flawed!

What a horrible article this was. Completely subjective and all across the board.

Lord_Sloth2274d ago

Capcom's losing it's mind is all I can say.

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