IGN - GTA V: Is That Tommy Vercetti?

Chances are you've seen the Grand Theft Auto V trailer that debuted today. When IGN saw it, they immediately started debating if the voice and the older gentleman at the 40-second mark and the 46-second mark was Tommy Vercetti -- the protagonist from Grand Theft Auto: Vice City who is voiced by Goodfellas actor Ray Liotta.

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Johandevries2306d ago

That would be fantastic. For me Tommy Vercetti was the best protagonist of all the series

gedapeleda2306d ago

I think it's a high possibility,remember in SA you meet him in a race at the countryside.

Johandevries2306d ago

How old was he then, more or less? I think Tommy was somewhere in his mid-thirties in Vice City, which was set in 1986, so if they are staying true to the time line, this guy cannot be him.

Johandevries2306d ago

It can also be the guy from GTA 3

Rainstorm812306d ago

On GTA SA u met the mute thief from GTA3, the spanish girl that was stuck on CJ shot him in the beginning of GTA3.

When i saw the trailer i thought it was Tommy Vercetti, that would be a nice continuation within the series...The dialogue in the trailer would fit it perfect

gedapeleda2306d ago

Oh sorry by saying Tommy Vercetti I meant the guy from GTAIII not VC

KaBaW2306d ago (Edited 2306d ago )

Just wondering, but why can it 'not' be him? Who is 'the guy' from GTA 3?

BlmThug2306d ago

That was Claude from Gta III

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Drazz2306d ago

Looks like Walter from "Fringe"

MasterD9192306d ago

Have to check and see if Ray Liotta's IMDB page lists GTA V

Drazz2306d ago

IGN said Ray Liotta did no voicework for the new GTA.

MasterD9192306d ago

Doesn't mean he isn't in there. I wouldn't mind seeing Tommy Vercetti as a NPC who gives you missions or someone you have to take down.

swishersweets200312306d ago

even if it is tommy they dont need ray just someone who sounds like him. the character is bigger then the actor when it comes to $

lifesanrpg2306d ago

I'm not sure how to report something that's already been approved but this is BS...

same article that's been up on the site for over 2 hours.

TotalHitman2306d ago

If you notice, my article was posted before the article in the link. So if anything that other article is BS.

Eiffel2306d ago (Edited 2306d ago )

Geeze. That man is an old geezer by now.

If it's 2012 in the new GTA, he'd be 60 years old.

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