GTA V Takes Place During The Economic Recession And Other Things You Never Caught In The Trailer

GameBlurb, "You thought we were all done with GTA V coverage did you? Fat chance! I just spent that last hour re-watching this trailer over and over again grabbing some screenshot for things probably many people never caught the first time. Check out them out below!"

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jaidek2450d ago

Rockstar are the kings at urban open world development. I have never seen this kind of detail in any other sandbox game. Can't wait until next year!

mike_d_2450d ago (Edited 2450d ago )

Yes they are,but my guess is that this video is from the PC version.But almost everything in this trailer looks like it's all part of cutscenes,but then again its just a trailer to give a first look.But either way i'm already excited and can't wait for more footage!

TheBlackMask2450d ago

Why would it be from the PC version. Rockstar cares more about it's console versions then the PC one.

Look at Red Dead Redem-.........Oh wait

mike_d_2450d ago

U sure they care about consoles more? Did you even play GTA4? Not to mention it was one of the worst looking games ever! You know as well as i do that GTA will never look that good on this generation of consoles.If you want feel free and go look at the first GTA4 trailers,those visuals were well surpassed the consoles.Of course they will show the PC,they wanna make it look as good as possible.It's like that with any multiplat game that comes out nowadays.

torchic2450d ago

no dude. that was console footage. you're reading too much into things.

mike_d_2450d ago

@torchic yea u keep believing that's console footage,ur gonna be highly disappointed then

Jonah_Reese2449d ago (Edited 2449d ago )

And Instantly it turns into a platform war, thanks Mike_d_ you aren't a d_bag at all.

DwightOwen2449d ago (Edited 2449d ago )

R* (and almost every other developer) uses source assets, not PCXbox360PS3 footage, for their trailers. However, mike_d_ has a point; anybody who thinks the final game is going to run that smooth with no jaggies with v-sync enabled on a console is going to be severely disappointed. The GTA IV trailers showed far more detail than what was even available for the PC version, let alone consoles, and look how that turned out.

HardCover2449d ago

TheBlackMask, good job, you picked out the one relevant example out of a dozen+.

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Gordo7892450d ago

Up N' Atom? Is that supposed to be like In N' Out burger? I used to not care about this, but those screens look pretty good.

cr33ping_death2450d ago

Up N Atom! thats from the simpsons...right? Radioactive Man.

TheBeast2450d ago

I say no...Rockstar just wanted to point out realism. We are not in a recession yet homes are still going up for sale and people live on the streets.

MicrocutsX22450d ago

Ever hear about the housing bubble bust? It's been all over the news when it happened. Rockstar has always tried mirror their games with current events but with a humorous take on them.

Gordo7892450d ago

What is this? I don't even...

Noticeably_FAT2450d ago

I think Grand Theft Auto games are fun and all, but I never even finished the last one and think this looks like more of the same.

irokster2450d ago

Wow, more of the same? Keep playing LBP...

Gordo7892450d ago

but LBP is a great game.

BluePumpkin72449d ago

man shut up LBP is awesome!!

princejb1342450d ago

never finished gta4 since i got bored 4 hours in, but this looks like it could be a huge improvement starting with the graphics i seen so far

modesign2450d ago

this looks like you wouldnt get bored until 4.5

FlashBack2450d ago

you guys get bored fast....

princejb1342450d ago

well flashback the game wasn't that interesting or fun to play
i played san Andreas for over 100+ hours cause it was fun

FlashBack2450d ago

well I have 60 hours in GTA IV, not counting with DLC, how did I do that?

princejb1342449d ago

well obviously to each its own, thats i stated i got bored 4 hours in
i never criticized the game it just wasn't as fun to me as the previous ones

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NYC_Gamer2450d ago (Edited 2450d ago )

hope this game has corrupt/greedy bankers&politicians.

Undeadwolfy2449d ago

Lol imagine if Bobby Kottick is in here... that would be awesome! XD

BluePumpkin72449d ago

yeah bobby kottick that corrupt politician... oh wai-

he is a video game company ceo what role can he freaking play in the game?

Undeadwolfy2449d ago

A greedy f***er who destroys successful things by milking it. Use your imagination. -_-

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