GTA 5 Trailer: 'Every Pixel Was Perfect' - Analyst

NowGamer: EEDAR's Jesse Divnich responds to GTA 5 trailer.

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StraightPath2299d ago

i dont think any game has the power of gta games this much hype this much excitement just over a trailer. Heck before that was just over a logo.

zeeshan2299d ago

Yes and if that wasn't a fact, then GT4 would have never received such a high praise. That game was mediocre and did NOT deserve to get the ratings it got. That game was way too over hyped. Lets hope for gamer's sake that the history doesn't repeat itself.

bunfighterii2299d ago

I disagree. I think GTA games, due to their sandbox nature, are what you make of them.

I thought GTAIV was brilliant. I not only loved the story, but the physics, the car driving mechanics etc. all felt right.

It's biggest achievement however, was and still is the totally believable, detailed, and throughly interesting world that Rockstar created. I spent hours and hours just roaming around, catching the subway, and being a tourist in a virtual world not feeling the need to whip out a gun or steal a car. I loved it. To me, that game epitomised the 'escape' video games can offer to another destination.

SephirothX212299d ago

I agree. GTA IV is the best game I've played this gen. MGS4, Uncharted 2 Fallout 3 and Oblivion come close but that game blew me away. I can understand why many people didn't like it as much but I loved the game for same reasons you did. I think GTA V will have the perfect combination.

omi25p2299d ago

I loved gta iv and think its the best in the series. I even have all the gta posters and still own all the games so its not as if i havent played them

ExPresident2299d ago

Begin the over hyping. I'm not knocking the GTA franchise, just every game starts out like this and then we'll see down the road people complaining about it. I'll reserve any judgement about it till after its out.

mike_d_2299d ago

Its true with every game you see.Take BF3 for instance,since day 1 of reveal everyone is this game is perfect nothing is better than this,and the more footage and details that get released the hype slowly dies and you start hearing i dont like this or i hate that.It's a never-ending cycle.

BrightFalls762299d ago

LOL, perfect? I could not be any less an interested in this title after that trailer. This series is overhyped garbage just like COD.

SephirothX212299d ago

A GTA game doesn't come out every year. How many GTA games have been out this gen if you can count? Now compare that to the number of CoD games. Yes you are very wrong indeed.

xX TriiCKy Xx2299d ago

You're a very funny man. /s

GamersRulz2299d ago

I have a strong feeling that GTAV would turn out like IV, too much hype, boring after 1 hour.
I just hope this I'm wrong.

Domer252299d ago

From reading your statement....I think you are wrong about many things :P

Vip3r2299d ago

GTA5 looks promising this time.

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The story is too old to be commented.