How Soul Calibur V is courting the hardcore

Competitive quality is a big concern for any upcoming brawler, so James Bowden tests Soul Calibur V's mettle - and finally starts liking what he sees: even Ezio.

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Darrius Cole2454d ago (Edited 2454d ago )

The author wrote:....

"As I said before, Soul Calibur is the only 'true' 3D fighter. This is because movement in to and out of the screen is as important to Soul Calibur's game as blocking and attacking. If an enemy favours vertical sword swings then moving around their blade leaves them open to attack. No other 3D fighters puts as much emphasis on this action as Soul Calibur.

The initial move in or out of the screen in Soul Calibur V is a dash, represented through a visual and audible effect that emphasises the motion's importance."

That is not right. Virtua Fighter if the first, best, and most pure 3D fighter. Soul Calibur does do true 3D with its A vs. B attacks, but 3D is not a factor in its gameplay to the extent that it is in Virtua Fighter.

In Virtua Fighter, not only does it matter does if you attack forward or circular it matters what direction your circular attack comes from and what direction you move to dodge it. If a player attacks with a half-circular kick from top to bottom of screen, then I can dodge it by evading (perfectly timed circular step) towards the bottom of the screen but I will be hit if I evade towards the top of the screen.

It sounds like SC is trying to copy some of that evade motion, which would be a good thing.

Soul Calibur is Day 1, pre-order purchase for me, but I play it because it is noob-friendly for a 3-D fighter, but at high-levels it breaks down. The thing is that almost nobody plays at a level that high.

Tuxedo_Mask2454d ago

I agree, and I think Tekken adds that element too to a certain extent. I don't know how many times I've dodged another player's opening move by sidestepping at the beginning in Tekken 6.

AriesSiren2454d ago

i agree vitua fighter is the best 3d fighter. but sc comes in close. with this new faster 3d evade its going to make the game quicker and more intense. i cant wait. sc4, while great was crazy slow.
i played MK9 for awhile but playing 2d really made me realize how much i missed and prefer 3d fighters.
i hate being confined to a 2d plane . just has very little depth compared to strategizing in 2d and 3d.