TGV: Grand Theft Auto V Trailer Analysis

Derek from TGV watched the Grand Theft Auto V trailer, and he's here to tell you what's in store for the fifth installment of a legendary series.

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SantistaUSA2599d ago

Agreed. Love the trailer, its looking pretty good :) I'm pumped now.

Sidology2599d ago

It's probably gonna take place in Hyrule, because there's a hidden Triforce in the "E" in "Five."

borisfett2599d ago

I was hoping for Coruscant myself.

Dreams. Crushed.

RustyMagus2599d ago

I was hearing some rumours about the gaming featuring multiple protagonists. I was somewhat looking forward to that actually. Though my interest in a new GTA has certainly been piqued.

cloud4952599d ago

Around the 1:10 min mark in the trailer there's a man that kinda looks like CJ from San Andreas. Maybe the rumours were right.

iamnsuperman2599d ago

there is also hikers, golfers and other characters. I highly doubt it is playable CJ. If it was CJ it would probably do missions with him. My personal opinion it is just showing the areas.

Mr_cheese2599d ago

I'm thinking, since this is san andreas in the future, does that mean CJ will be around and Grove street will still be there?

Applederp2599d ago

Speculation is rampant at this point. People (including myself) think that the one tattooed guy running from the cops near the end is CJ.

With this and the rumor that Tommy Vercetti is the guy narrating the trailer, one might assume that this game has multiple playable protagonists.

borisfett2599d ago

Highly unlike. I remember Houser saying that the new Grand Theft Autos are their own unique universes with their own characters, and the old characters would be staying in the past.

Moduserous2599d ago

I could tell by the font it would be based on Los Angeles.

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