GTA 5 Release Date July 2012 For Xbox 360, PS3, PC - Zavvi

NowGamer: Online retailers hint at Grand Theft Auto 5's release date with pre-orders.

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Feckles2177d ago

October, surely. Every GTA game releases in October. Apart from IV, which was originally slated for October but slipped.

Dee_912177d ago (Edited 2177d ago )

I hope its summer 2012
I cant wait much longer D:

Electroshocked2176d ago

I just hope that it comes out in 2012 and not 2013.

TheDareDevil2177d ago

Why would they release such a big game in summer? Holiday season for sure.

fluffydelusions2177d ago

Summer release would be's always so empty in those months

fastrez2177d ago

This is going to clash with, and subsequently water down Max Payne 3's release.

jbiz3302177d ago

How the hell do you figure? Max Payne comes out in March.. this would be a perfect time to come out tbh. NOTHING comes out in the summer worthwhile.

kcuthbertson2177d ago

Look how well Red Dead did...

koh2177d ago

It's a placeholder date. Continue speculating if you want

TimmyShire2177d ago

Well of course its speculation - least there's some thought gone into this one.

I for one don't think it'll be July, but definitely next year. Probably October.

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The story is too old to be commented.