Resident Evil: Revelations will cost $50, even without the Circle Pad attachment

Resident Evil's first outing on the 3DS was met with a less than enthusiastic response from gamers, but it did one thing really well: proved that a Resident Evil title is possible on the 3DS. Apparently the lukewarm response was enough for Capcom to think that fans are excited enough for their next Resident Evil game, Resident Evil Revelations, to charge $10 more than the typical going rate for 3DS games, and that's without the optional (see: likely makes the game a lot better) $10 Circle Pad.

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DarkBlood2331d ago

whew good at least its not 60 dollars because its usually ten dollars more in canada then in america looks like were both even for now

lizard812882331d ago

That is a dumb move. I am sure people will fight to the death and defend Cashcom, but yeah. Why stop there, why not just make it $60?! Now this game will not sell due to the high price tag, then Capcom will complain nobody is buying their games on the 3DS and pull support, blame 3Ds owners, ECT. It would not be the first time they blamed their fans/consumers.

I want to say this is almost damage control for pricing Mercenaries so high. That game should have been $30. Capcom will say,”see, we did not rip you off for you buying Mercenaries at full price. It could have been more”. I do not know how long this will last, if stores will cut the price down within weeks. Pricing it $10 more than every other game is just beyond dumb and/or foolhardy.

I am getting quite sick of Capcom’s shenanigans. 20+ Hours is subjective. Who knows if they were taking their time or not. Metal Gear Solid 3, also has the same game playtime, 20+ hours and it is on a 4G cart too, yet still costs $40. Capcom is just being greedy and I am sure it will bite them later on. Then they’ll release it for the Vita at the same price or cheaper with new features the 3DS version didn’t have.

It still doesn't justify the price. The price is still too high. The 3DS gets new games all of the time and none of them are $50, nor should they be. Sadly, I fear this will be a trend, big named games, like MHT or MH4 will cost more, because Capcom can get away with it. Just because they put effort into it, doesn't mean they should jack up the price. What is that saying about their other products? That they are bad, but they are still going to over-price them? Even MW3 (IIRC or MW2) came with night-vision goggles. MvC3 collector's edition came with stuff. What would have happened if MvC3 was $70 & collector's edition was $80? Only the die-hard fans would have bought it. Not to mention, this is excluding DLC. I'm sure they will continue to over-price in that area too. And here, I thought Capcom couldn't do any worse. I was wrong.

I also wonder what this means for the Vita. The 3ds is as powerful as the wii, and the Vita is just as powerful as the PS3, so are Capcom's Vita games going to cost $60 to $70? Just because it is like a console game.

jeweetwelwie2331d ago

Resi revelations looks worse than a ps2 game, I played it. the environment is very empty and lacks detail. Even mgs 3ds looks worse than mgs2. It doesnt look anywhere near the quality of the "tech demo" shown to the world a few years back. Infact they shouldn't even have called it a tech demo, they should have called it "wishfull thinking"XD If nintendo had the balls to price mario 3d land at 50 bucks they really are shooting themselves in the foot.

klecser2330d ago

You played the actual game or the demo included with Mercenaries? Because demos rarely include full graphics.

klecser2331d ago (Edited 2331d ago )

The only possible way that this is going to stop is if game players can have the self control to not purchase. Every business wants to do one thing: make money. And unless consumers choose to stand up and not purchase the products they will continue to do it.

Since this is a title I really want I'm going to simply pre-order on Amazon and that way I'll get the 40 dollar price that the game should be. I'll be one less buying at the ridiculous price point.

jeweetwelwie2331d ago

...And here I was, thinking sony might be pushing it with some psvita games possibly priced at 50 dollars max... Sony's handheld comes with 2 analog sticks, and it doesnt need texture murdering 3d to look good.I played the demos. resi revelations main characters backside looks pretty good in third person view, but it pretty much ends there... definitely not worth 50 bucks.

zeal0us2330d ago

Heard this at one of the capcom conventions

Capcom: "Screw the Rules!!! Get MONEY!!!"

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