Blu-Ray HD battle heats up

When HD-DVD players start retailing at just $98.97, is the battle over for Blu-Ray?

Wal-Mart has recently been selling HD-DVD players for below $100 in a snap sale, and shifted 55,000 Toshiba HD-A2 players. In fact the discounted units were only a few dollars more than standard-def DVD players. And it isn't just the hardware. There are plenty of retailers selling certain HD-DVD and Blu-Ray disks at just $16.99. Amazon and Circuit City both have Toshiba HD-DVD players at below $200 – and according to reports sold 90,000-100,000 units in just two days. The lowest-price Blu-Ray player costs $399 although Best Buy is throwing in $100 "rebates" on units, while others package in five "free" Blu-Ray discs with a player.

The pre-Christmas holiday sales season is seen as being a powerful indicator of which way the consumer will go in the search for higher-quality video entertainment. In terms of US households the numbers are already showing a distinct trend, with Adams Media Research saying there will be 600,000 HD-DVD players in place, and 400,000 Blu-Ray units (all stand-alone) by the end of this year.

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xplosneer3916d ago

PS3? And if it's 600K to 400K standalone only then Blu Ray is killing. Also, does the Xbox 360 HDDVD drive count as standalone?

Ignorant Fanboy3916d ago

I bought a PS3, but havent bought a single Blu-Ray.

If I bought an HD-DVD add-on for my 360, chances are, I would buy something to put in it.

CrazzyMan3916d ago

people who bough ps3 and use it also like blu-ray player, apart gaming machine, are like 10-20 times more, then those, who bought hd-dvd add-ons for x360, imo.

anyway, ignoring ps3 userbase in some 2008-2009 will be stupid. =]

Yo Mama3916d ago

Really? That's weird cause in this thread you stated that your Blu-rays looked worse than dvd's.

Get your story straight.

PS3PCFTW3916d ago (Edited 3916d ago )

its funny how hard these guys try to give hddvd a breath of life.

Ill let you guys in on a little secret........

The reason they dont use 360 hddvd add on and ps3 as hidef hardware in their statistics:

hddvd addon didnt sell well at all. theyd be stupid to add hddvd add on as submissable data......because then they would have to factor in ps3...........WE ALL KNOW HDDVD is DEAD.

HDDVD camp is trying by any means neccessary to make it seem like hddvd is still in the race. Much like Ms is doing with the zune2, which the consumer doesnt want. ALSO practically forcing 95% of new pcs to come stock with vista only....which also the consumer doesnt want.

its a dirty game. lots of data is held back from the cosumer to make it seem like these products are doing well, when obviously people prefer better choices.

the truth will come out in 2008. lies are always exposed.

lawman11083916d ago

So that WOULD NOT be stand alone......just like the PS3 is not a stand alone. I personaly belive Sony built a BR player that can play games (poorly) I bought the A3 hd dvd player because it was under $200 bucks and came with 7 movies. No with my D3laystation 3 I have all HD bases covered, I will not buy dvd's until they drop under $20 bucks or I will buy used on ebay

PS3PCFTW3915d ago (Edited 3915d ago )

you make alot of posts. ALOT.
Though, i have yet to read a post from you that proves a point and makes sense.

keep in mind no matter what u buy or say, people with more intelligence and more money than you WILL buy better hardware and better experiences. So as of right now, and into the future as we know it........youre attempts at douchebaggery are a complete waste of your time. Its funny to laugh at you day after day, so i thank you on that part.

back on topic:
worldwide bluray sales demolish hddvd. consumers in some countries dont even know hddvd exists

cuco333915d ago

being that it's sole purpose is a movie player. The PS3 though is a gaming console with added features like it doubling up as a media center and Blu-ray player. Problem with that is that majority of PS3 owners aren't buying BD films. If they were, the sales lead according to Nielson's data wouldn't be 2:1. It'd be a LOT larger than that.

The sad thing is how the PS3 is constantly being looked at as the only Blu-ray player from both consumer and business sides. I was at Blockbuster not more than an hour ago (surprisingly they now carry HD DVD) and even the Blu-ray section was promoting BD with this phrase 'CHECK OUT OUR HIGH-DEF MOVIES FOR YOUR PLAYSTATION 3'. Hello! PS3 isn't the only BD player!

drewdrakes3915d ago

PS3PCFTW - You had better speak to yourself about making sense and proving a point. He told you that he bought an HD DVD player and why he did, how does that not make sense to you? It actually couldnt make any more sense to me.

Is it that you dont understand english fully, or that people have the right to choose? Ya, people in some countries dont know about HD DVD. Poor people in Africa dont know about blu-ray either...

PS3PCFTW3915d ago (Edited 3915d ago )

yes i had to stoop down to lawmans level of worthless gibberish.

regardless i cannot comprehend your comment. now, should "i talk to myself"......LOL.....or should "i follow my own advice"? whose english is flawed here? mine or yours?

let me fill you in on a little info:

read posts 17 and 18 in this thread.

whoelse3915d ago (Edited 3915d ago )

Say by the end of the year, there are 3 million PS3s in america which is very likely. Say 1/5 of PS3 owners buy BD Movies, this means 600,000 active blu-ray players. Add that to the 400,000 and you get 1,000,000 in america over 600,000 HD-DVDs.

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eagle213916d ago

Blu Ray is getting into several millions of new homes WORLDWIDE (at least a million more in December in NA alone this holiday.) While hd dvd will only be in 600,000 North American homes total. Way too niche. This isn't significant at all. Blu Ray has the excellent lead WORLDWIDE (this is an understatement) and by spring should have the lower priced players in the U.S. market to seal the deal. We all know how things are going in European and Asian markets for Blu Ray. It will show in disc sales.

Could someone give us the total dvd players that have been sold worldwide so people will know just how far this war must go to reveal a true winner.

Danja3916d ago

Thats what's wrong ppl tend to think that America is ony place that Electronics are bought..HD-DVD is just about obsolete in EU and Japan...and with PS3 selling well everywhere and it beign the best Blu Ray player......Blu-Ray aint going nowhere

lawman11083916d ago

It will come down to cost, HD players and dvd need to be cheap and thats an issue with the BR player it is $400 bucks they should just do like Warrner wanted to do just make a disc that plays on each machine.

whoelse3915d ago

And although not alot of PS3 owners are buying BD movies, when they get cheaper and more movies are available on that platform, people will choose BD over buying a new HD DVD player.

paracardium3916d ago

HD DVD is crap I'm about to sit down and watch my DieHard box set on Blueray.To bad people are misinformed and bought HD DVD players.

blackmagic3916d ago (Edited 3916d ago )

How, exactly, have people been misinformed about HD DVD?

jaja14343916d ago

And how exactly is it crap?

HarryEtTubMan3916d ago (Edited 3916d ago )

Blodd mask is a fool and HD DVD DOESNT SELL A CHANCE... They've gon from 400$ to under 100$ in a month LMAOOO. PS3 Will sell around 400,000 in November LOL LOL LOL. Going from 400$ to under 100$ in less than a month sound like ABSOLUTE DESPERATION. And they still aren't outselling Blu Ray. And Disney(who KNOWS how to run the billion dollar buisness and who I choose to believe) Isn't scared running to HDDVD are they? EVERYONE IN THE INDUSTRY SUPPORTS BLU RAY YOU TOOL. Blu Ray will win and already has. LOL PS3 will be here for 9 long years. PS3 WINS


I think it's going according to plan. Some people were surprised, and some weren't about the announcements that took place with competitive studios in the HD DVD camp a few months ago. But, to me, that was the last act of a desperate format trying to pull itself out of a nose dive. It was too little, too late. Consumers are voting with their dollars in anywhere from a 2:1 to 3:1 ratios for Blu-ray domestically, and even higher than that internationally. We have 90 percent market shares in Australia and Japan and anywhere from 70 to 80 percent market shares in Europe!!!! burnnnnnnns sooo badddddd huh?

- true facts stated by a DISNEY CEO... not a XBOT ON N4G HAHAHAHA

In my mind, the artificial extension of the format war, through whatever incentives were given, was counter to the consumer. The consumers made their minds up what format they preferred by some pretty large margins, and [the Paramount and DreamWorks decisions to back HD DVD exclusively] just served to extend what's an unnecessary format war, and confused the consumers and put at risk those who may now buy a format that will become obsolete very shortly.

Aside from that little momentary distraction, consumers continue to buy Blu-ray Discs as more players come on the market and discs become more prevalent and start to gain dominance at retail. When Blu-ray first came out it was getting 50/50 shelf space with HD DVD, and now the shelf-space has clearly turned in the favor of Blu-ray, and that means the sales will only continue to slide towards Blu. That will make the already inevitable outcome seem even more inevitable.

Bloodmask you are a foolish fanboy and WILL LOSE.

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