All of the Dark Souls Patch 1.04 Information

Trendy Gamers: Dark Souls patch 1.04 has been announced by From Software. It will be taking effect in Japan today, and will be released in North America and Europe soon. For those of you who have been having a hard time with Dark Souls, this patch balances a few of the more unfair aspects of the game.

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Bleucrunch2393d ago

I am liking most the updates...but I believe it too them way too long to do this...people have already beat the game by now...I haven't as of yet but one thing that I do like is being able to see more people online because me and my friend still cant see each others soul signs for some odd reason...oh and I am really liking the upgrade to what merchants sell especially the Giant Merchant in Anor Londo.

mandf2393d ago

They made it so you can't connect with friends. If they are on your list then you can't play with them. They fixed the exploit used in Demon souls.

Lord_Sloth2393d ago

Because who on earth wants an online game with friends. >___>

Bleucrunch2393d ago

you would have to explain the exploit to me bro....because I honestly do not see why they wouldn't want that and I do not believe they even did that cause my friends that play on 360 (I play on ps3) play all the time....we conference on our cell phones since they do not allow chatting for some odd reason....well I believe you can do private chats on 360 but no group chat.

Nevers2393d ago

Yeah... no party chat on XBL but private chat works. I thought it odd as well.

... and yeah... I don't understand what the 'exploit' would be in playing with a buddy.

antihiroprotagonist2393d ago (Edited 2393d ago )

"Wrote a fucking program to link gamertags of players from other servers so that they can play together"

so sayeth Tim the wise

lumley6662393d ago

so the dragon head and magic sheild glitch have been fixed, no more cheating you buggers lol

Tanir2393d ago (Edited 2393d ago )

Humanity drop rate increased from 10-210??????????? wtf lol. i mean humanity is rare, but wow.

though makes sense, humanity affects some weapons, lets you get more healing and is needed for covenants, i dont even bother honestly cuz they are too rare and i would rather recover to human form than increase my flasks by one

LMAo at the words Fapsmith, Large Tit, Small Tit at the bottom of the article haha

Kenshin_BATT0USAI2393d ago

by 1? If you offer humanity to the bonfire you get +5 more. so if you got the initial 5 it'll turn into 10. with rite of kindling you can offer two more humanity and get up to 20.

Nevers2393d ago

An upgrade to the droprate for Humanity sounds awesome. Kinda wish it was just a little less than 210 though, lol. Seems a bit high to me. But it will make the Human-side of Dark Souls a bit more accessible and possibly foster more PvP and Co-op if Humanity isn't so freaking valuable to miser away... like I do.

Tanir2393d ago

o wow lol did not know that! thats actually useful thanks!

Kenshin_BATT0USAI2393d ago

No problem Tanir. I honestly didn't get what rite of kindling did till my 2nd playthrough LOL.

It's great that they are making humanity easier to get, but I already finished the game completely 4 times(w/ all trophies) and with skyrim, MW3, MGS HD Collection, and Assassin's creed all coming out in less than 2 weeks I honestly won't have time to play dark souls again till maybe next year.

Nevers2393d ago (Edited 2393d ago )

"Official Guide nerfed" LOL... yeah ... with this many changes that sweet ass guide I got is now outdated as far as what "all" merchants have to sell and anything related to most weapon lines. Maps are still good though.

Found myself in one of them places where I was unable to progress and luckily I had a Homeward Bone on me (giggitty). Was when I dropped down to get the Dragon Bow in Anor Londo.

Not stoked about the Pyro glove being nerfed either... the quotes isn't very specific... but yeah... still not excited for that.

Looking forward to actually seeing what I need to level up... that's cool.

I'm not really stoked that the Master Key is able to be bought... now I wish I would have gotten the Witch Ring along with the other questlike object I took as a gift. At least it's from merchant that is reasonably deep into the game.

However, I am really liking the additional titanites being sold by the armorsmiths. Twinkling Titanites were a b!tch to farm. Glad the droprate was most likely improved on them as well.

Ring of Fog... not sad to see that broken ring get nerfed. Was so cheap for PvP. I wonder if the lock-on works on those cat covenant Foggers in Darkroot Garden as well.

Speaking of lock-on... thank you for upping the range... very welcome. And easier to change lock-on? Awesome.

Sounds like a good update. Looking forward to it's implimentation here in N.A.

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