The Top-selling Products on Black Friday 2007

"The first data about Black Friday sales trickles in. Price comparison engine Pricegrabber says that total volume of their merchant referrals generated to sellers on Black Friday has increased 47% over last year with an average order referral of $431.

It is too early to say which products are really going to be the overall top sellers this Holidays or even just on Black Friday. Only the numbers of the manfacturers or major retailers can shed the light of truth on it.
What can be said is that Microsoft definitely sold lots of brown 30GB Zunes, Guitar Hero and Rock Band are hot sellers and the Wii is still very hard to find," writes i4u.

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HarryEtTubMan3829d ago (Edited 3829d ago )

I live in Tampa Florida and the PS3 sold VERRYYY WELL on black Friday... everyone I asked said it did also

Seriosuly it really was selling god... they were soldout at ever walmoar and target... only Gamstop had a couple

Premonition3829d ago

I Think PS3 sold pretty good, especially with the Walmart and bestbuy deal.

FamilyGuy3829d ago

I got one of those $20 six axis controllers

ruibing3829d ago

I really had to resist not to get another one at that price, but I rather my third and fourth controllers be the DS 3. They had some nice black friday game deals though. I got DiRT and the 2K Sports football game (boycotting EA's monopoly of the NFL franchise and poor development standards).

lawman11083828d ago

I love how we need to buy a new controler, you should be able to trade in one old one for the new one or something.

gamesblow3829d ago

I'm the DM of gamestop in Tustin CA and I can tell you Ps3 sold very well.

Danja3829d ago

I think every major electronic experienced a sales boost on Black's just that Simple...

lawman11083828d ago

The way it did, nobody. They say that thing flew

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The story is too old to be commented.