Battlefield 3 TDM Spawn Points Fixed, UMP-45 and SCAR-H Patch Details

MP1st - "Server fixes on the console versions of Battlefield 3 have just been announced by DICE and Alan Kertz reveals new information regarding the upcoming patch and things that DICE is looking into."

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r1sh122301d ago

yea but I wish they had a similar hot fix patch system like world at war and black ops..
It would mean almost instant fixes, but still this is good news

Criminal2301d ago

Black Ops did have hot fixes, but I'm not so sure about World at War.

DasBunker2301d ago

in bc2 i never had problems getting killed when spawnin at base defending... in bf3 ive had this happened a few times.. good theyre fixing it

princejb1342301d ago

noooo i love ump 45
oh well as long as it makes the game better and more balanced is for a good cause
thanks dice for listening to your players

Criminal2301d ago

The UMP is getting buffed up, and the Scar is getting nerfed.

Criminal2301d ago (Edited 2301d ago )

I can't wait for the UMP patch, but for the time being, I'm using the A-91 and it's a good alternative.

Mister_V2301d ago

A little sad they're nerfing the SCAR-H but I can see why. It's beastly at all ranges ATM. UMP is monstrous at close range but I do get an insane amount of hit markers at med or longer. So happy they're fixing TDM spawn points!

mike_d_2301d ago

Yea I agree 100% with you.The only real problem i had with the game is the spawns on TDM.

HaMM4R2300d ago

If im honest, the most annoying gun for me is the
A-91, i like the scar because its such a good and early unlock that everyone can get there hands on it.
The A-91 is the gun im finding myself being killed by the most.

Hufandpuf2301d ago

Waiting for a mortar nerf and damage increase. In the meantime, im playing hardcore.

Mister_V2301d ago

Haven't even tried HC yet. May hop on today.

Hufandpuf2301d ago

Its really fun. I usually play tdm hc, im afraid of conquest without the ability to spot.

rawrockkillz2301d ago

HC conquest is super fun!

C_Menz2301d ago

I doubt they are nerfing the mortar since it is not that great if you have a brain. The mortar user is a sitting duck for anyone to shoot/knife him and any other mortar that sets up essentially kills them since they only show up after they had already fired a round at the first user.

Hufandpuf2301d ago

That'd be grat if the mini map actually helped. Honestly, I'm having fun with the multiplayer, but it doesn't come without its annoyances.

BeaArthur2301d ago

Maybe I'm not reading it correctly but how do you nerf the mortar and increase the damage?

Septic2300d ago

Well once you deploy the mortar you get an enlarged mini-map that higlights potential targets when they fire. You could nerf it so you just get a mini-map but doesn't have a live feed of where enemy combatants (visible on the minimap) are.

sovietsoldier2300d ago

they need to tweak the aaa in the game its unbalanced, planes spend most of the time dodging stingers from every player which gets tiresome and boring. i remember when the jets ruled bf series. they also need to give recon chopper more speed. they need to look into the rpg spam and find a way to make engineers do there job and not spam rockets. please also thin the Russian scope chevrons.

J3j3m0n2300d ago

they need to fix the customization menu when you're selecting.the static effect
i dont know if its only me or what,it hurts my eyes.
and they should add customization menu and quit option between matches.

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