Is GTA V the answer to the pre-owned problem?

Opinion: Whispers point to digital-only GTA V release - and John Dean likes what he's hearing...

Whether or not you like it, pre-owned games are a problem. We know you love them, and we understand why - but none of that makes the issue any better.

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tigertron2360d ago

Digital download only? no-no-no-no-no and finally...NO!

I doubt this will be the case anyway.

geddesmond2360d ago

I don't know man. One of the big issues Rockstar had with GTA4 was Disk space on the Xbox 360. They even said they had to cut content so it would fit on the Xbox 360s DVD9. Releasing it as Digital only is killing 2 birds with one stone.

They'll combat the used game sales market and they'll be able to release the game as big as they want it. This is GTA man. These games sell consols so if people have to download to play the game then they will.

TOO PAWNED2360d ago

yeah because we all have 100gb free space, on top of internet speed to download it in an hour. GTFO t..l

Jake_the_Dog2360d ago

I bet they would just ship it on multiple disks for the 360, like other recent titles.

geddesmond2360d ago

@Too POawned

Well I see why you have 1 bubble. For starters the game won't be 100 gbs idiot. Secondly it takes me 2 hours to go out and get a game in the shops cause of travel and such so YOU GTFO BIATCH


GTA4 is an open world sandbox game that can't be split among disks without ruining the experiance.

Heres what Rockstarr had to say about it. http://www.computerandvideo...

I don't know I'm just saying that previous Rockstar comments give merrit to a digital only game. Only time will tell us though

radphil2360d ago (Edited 2360d ago )

"These games sell consols so if people have to download to play the game then they will."

No they won't

Not everyone has the same internet speed, lack of restrictions, or space size to do it.

If this was a world where EVERYONE had the same stuff, same ability of technology, etc, then maybe.

Saladfax2360d ago (Edited 2360d ago )

Eh... I think some folks might be underestimating the willingness of a motivated consumer. Think of if Call of Duty wasn't sold in stores. Now, considering the heavy online multiplayer focus, it seems unlikely sales would suffer from people not having access to internet, so perhaps it's not the best example.

However, if a game has sufficient hype, clout, and is desirable enough for consumers, and assuming they don't have internet already themselves... Well heck, most people at least *know* someone/somewhere to get internet access.

Think of it this way, if there are any huge PS3 fans in here. If Uncharted 3 was digital download only, you'd still day one purchase it, right?

radphil2359d ago

"If Uncharted 3 was digital download only, you'd still day one purchase it, right?"

Doubtful, considering that people would not only have to trust in the game as they can't return it, that's also resources and time they have to spend LONGER getting it than just getting a physical copy at the store.

Relating to your example, CoD is all about arcade and fast paced style. For the millions that play it, do you think they're going to sit down patiently and wait for gigs worth of downloading? And then, what's the true potential in them liking it, because some people hated Black Ops but liked MW.

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DarkTower8052360d ago

How many people would this alienate because of bandwidth caps? Or just poor internet speeds? Its not going to happen. Not even in the future unless providers change bandwidth caps. Who's going to buy games when your ip will charge you insane amounts for going over the caps? Especially as games keep getting larger and larger. If they want to pave the way for digital downloads publishers need to lower download prices and ip need to erase caps.

Solidus187-SCMilk2360d ago

LOL digital only?? if thats the case then the intrest that was kindled in me today from the trailer will be instantly extinguished and I will not buy it.

This will not happen tho, what about the people without internet(or slow internet, bandwidth caps etc) or xbox without HD??

They wount be able to sell to those people so I dont understand why it would be digital only if it comes to consoles? maybe if it was true then the 360 version would have to be Downloaded so it isnt split up across disks??

I really dont know why they would make it digital only, they would cut off potential customers and piss off others.

Mr_cheese2360d ago

I hope this isn't the case, can't see it happening because its such as massive gamble regardless of it being GTA. But I also like to own the physical product so it can be shelved with the rest of the collection.

MasterD9192360d ago

There is no chance in hell a GTA game won't release on retail disc.

They will be missing a huge chunk of change if they go along with a digital release mentality.

chadachada1232360d ago

Hell no. The point of having a disc is that I can play it wherever I want. While it'd be nice to be able to play on different systems, I don't see any publishers EVER going for that idea unless they can find a way to force extra $$$ out of you.

Publishers could solve this problem pretty easily by selling the game for cheaper from the start.

Additionally, no one but an idiot would buy a used game for $55 when the new one is right beside it at $60, so I fail to see the point of including that in the article.

Saladfax2360d ago

The world is filled with idiots, so I'd strongly argue that more than a few people will save $5 on the used copy. Hell, from a purely consumer standpoint (not considering developer support, etc), an individual is always foolish to pay more money when a cheaper option entailing no effort is present.

Dno2360d ago (Edited 2360d ago )

well that idiot has a pre-owned discount card which takes off another 5-10 bucks for used games only so now that used game is 45 bucks....

Then that idiot has to buy 3-4 games for the idiots sons and now its 45 bucks for 3 games (135 bucks for 3 games) instead of 60 bucks a game (180bucks for 3 games)

get the point?

chadachada1232360d ago

Fair enough. You win. This time...

thebudgetgamer2360d ago

Alienating the twenty plus million people that don't have internet is not good.

f7897902360d ago

I doubt anyone playing GTA V will not have internet.

Dno2360d ago

Your wrong i know about 3 friends who love GTA and do not have internet plus its a single player game you do not need the inernet....

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