EA: Battlefield 3 multiplayer can stop gamers defecting to Modern Warfare 3

EA executive vice president Patrick Soderlund has said Battlefield 3's "industry leading" multiplayer has the stickiness to stop players switching over to Modern Warfare 3 when the new Call of Duty game arrives next week.

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Szarky2395d ago

...if they patch it to fix the many problems maybe.

C_Menz2395d ago

And what problems would they have to fix since there are SO many?

Szarky2395d ago (Edited 2395d ago )

Maybe you play on your own or just with 1 buddy so you're okay. Trying setting up a squad with 2 or 3 buddies and it splits you up. Not very fun trying to get a squad setup and then getting put on different teams.

Voice chat is broken, with 1 other person maybe it's not so bad but try chatting with the other 3 people in your squad and you have to mute your buddies because the stutter is so bad.

da_2pacalypse2395d ago

There is not "SO many" problems. and dice will fix these problems. Unlike COD games which have the same problems for months and months before the developer decides to address them. Remember the care package glitches? Those didn't go away for like 1/2 a year.... I say no thank you, to call of duty.

marioPSUC2395d ago

The squad thing and server lag are really the only problems I have with the game. The squad thing really isnt all that bad, most of the time it atleast puts us on the same team, and its not much of a hassel all getting into 1 squad.

Both of these issues are something they are working, and the squad problem isnt a deal breaker

Pentumsmart2395d ago

(!) Network issues - kicked out of games, not able to connect, ETC
(!) LAG issues - getting pulled back while running around, traveling back in time, TELEPORTING, we've all done it or seen it. Hopefully, this is the first priority to fix.
(!) Microphone issues - Communication not coming through, talking cuts off, microphone volume too low, needs to be fixed ASAP.
(!) Green screen - Screen turns green for a half second, occurs at random times. Happened a lot in the beta.
(!) Being able to quit the game in the "END OF ROUND" - why isn't this possible? When I'm finished with a match and have to go, I need to sit through 30 seconds of stats, then 10-15 seconds into get to the map THEN quit the game. Please fix this.
(!) Game Sound disappears from the game leaving only gun sounds and footsteps left. Happens every game I've played and it's annoying. You can't even hear if the bombs are planted.
(!) Be able to MUTE people (PS3)!
(!) CO-OP - Not being able to join a friend/invite from a friend to a CO-OP game with a message saying "lost connection to the server".
(!) Setting the aiming like it was in the BETA. It just felt much greater.
(!) Hit detection - people including me are experiencing hit detection problems. This is also a problem in the campaign mode & CO-OP.
(!) Be able to release the parachute. Seriously, if the parachute releases right away in the DAMAVAND PEAK map leap, waiting to hit the land is boring and you get killed easily.
(!) The squad system needs more work.
(!) Class sometimes randomly changes class after respawn.
(!) Random deaths by nothing "Bad luck" (not suicide). I died once by just driving the tanks. No one around.
(!) Be able to access your "profile progress" while being in the "The end of round" menu: Edit dogtags, camo, weapons, etc.
(!) Be able to knife someone who is using the mortar...
(!) Fix the issue with coming on a different team than your buddy in your party.
(!) Fix Invincibility glitch
(!) Fix the "crosshair dissappearing" bug where you suddenly shooter have no crosshair . Happens mainly when using vehicles.
(!) Fix reloading animation. Every game, I find myself reloading with no animation.

BattleAxe2394d ago

I'm not defecting.....I just never left in the first place.

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Saryk2395d ago

I'm rolling up my pants leg for a the BS that is flowing!

People will buy the COD game, just because they done it in the past. Most FPS fans will own both.

BattleTorn2395d ago

I am considering whether it can, for myself. Maybe, it seems I'm already running out of guns to unlock.
But I will probably hold out, and eventually get it (Dec.) when I finally cave.

SuperSaiyan42395d ago

After having played the BF3 beta is was absolutly horrible and also EA servers are very unrealiable.

Also I am more familiar with the COD games on how they play and look but again having given BF3 a go my money is going to COD and NOT the Elite service.

JellyJelly2395d ago

The beta isn't in any way representative of the final game. I can understand your disappointment. I also thought the beta was rubbish but the retail version is absolutely stunning.

marioPSUC2395d ago

I wouldnt mind if BF lost the COD players, let them go to that game, Im still having a blast in BF

TheGameFoxJTV2394d ago

EXACTLY. Now we will actually be able to play wioth out realizing that all the CoD players aren't in a bush trying to hide with a sniper for their montages. lmao

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