GTA V: A Welcome Return to San Andreas

IGN: We've already had a tantalising glimpse of Los Santos and its surrounding countryside, but what else will we see in GTA V?

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tee_bag2422449d ago

Nice article. I'm definitely looking forward to GTA5. Ill definately get it.I hope it's as expansive as San Andrea and coop is a big feature.

DA_SHREDDER2449d ago

Coop is a no brainer. Especially since there is was coop in the original San Andreas, not that it was anything grand, but Saints Row has been doin it, and Rockstar should just bite the bullet and do it too. BTW, Ill consider buying this new if they fixed the car physics. I'm sorry but the driving was too floaty for me in GTA4, and I'm not gonna support them if they can't even get that right. Ill wait for the Goty edition with all of the dlc for 25 bucks like GTA4 is doing right now.

come_at_me_bro2449d ago

If the rumors about multiple playable characters were true, it would be absolutely silly to not include co-op. I'm not even a big fan of co-op really and I'd be mindblown if they missed this opportunity.