No Shit: Obvious Information Making For Dramatic Headlines

GR: The big news of the other day was that the God of War team is hiring for a new project. No shit? Yeah, really. No shit. Nearly every development studio, in one way, shape or form, is working on a new project. And get this... they're probably hiring new people. That's no shit, number one.

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doctorstrange2299d ago

Yeah really, I hate those kinds of pointless articles

Spenok2298d ago

FINALLY, an article about shitty ariticles.... Lol, how ironic. >.>

D3stinySm4sher2299d ago

I get so sick of this kind of "news" myself.
Or how about when any random detail is revealed for X big upcoming game, it gets its own news story. ie anything in Zelda: Skyward Sword. And I love Zelda. But any random details we learn about it are only considered "news" because enough people will click on it. Ironic given how Zelda, more than everything else, somehow, gets treated like any gameplay detail is a "spoiler" or some nonsense.

stormeagle62299d ago

It's all about what gets hits - the unfortunate result of today's internet-driven industry.

Legion2299d ago

About as bad as the comparison articles PS3 vs Xbox 360 and such.

Or the sales articles... is it really news or just hit gaining article trying to get flamed?

A lot of pointless stuff people call news which in reality is just useless information for the fanboys to pee their pants over.