Frame by Frame: GTA V Trailer Ripped Apart

@XG247: So the Trailer has finally hit the net! Now it's time for us to rip out all the frames and expect it under a magnifying glass.

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Thrungus2423d ago

There is plenty there to inspect, that's if you've got the time/patience.

Elwenil2423d ago

Yeah, looks like the return of some cool stuff as well as a few new things. I noted the AK had a suppressor, which may mean there are different types of the same weapons or we get some customization there. I also noted the semis are back with trailers so we should be able to latch onto them again instead of them being static. I also spotted an Kaiser-Jeep M715 looking vehicle which is pretty awesome.

XGN_Alex2423d ago

It's amazing how Rockstar Games can continue to make people sweat through every single trailer with a comb.

KonGreat2423d ago

and, and, and, Aiiirrplanes! :D

MrDead2423d ago

I can only see the city of Los Santos in this trailer, it might not be San Andreas, unless I missed something.

pr0digyZA2423d ago

The number plates say san andreas.

teedogg802423d ago

Trust me, its San Andreas. See the Vinewood sign.

dreamtheater872423d ago

The license plate says San Andreas because that's the state Los Santos is in. Doesn't prove anything.

Vinewood is part of Los Santos, just as Hollywood is part of L.A.

Trust me I'd love it if it were all of San Andreas. But it seems to me it's just Los Santos.

MrDead2423d ago (Edited 2423d ago )

Vinewood is in Los Santos. Cool, I didn't see the number plate, cant wait to see the other two citys and whats surrounding them if they are in the game.

XGN_Alex2423d ago

If you were to go back and play the original GTA you'd be surprised at how many future predictions you could make.

The fact that Vice City was the 2nd city you unlocked (Leading to Vice City the Game)

and then the 3rd city being San Andreas (which obviously then led to the San Andreas game)

You can also see from both regions how much of the game we have yet to see. Also, where the hell is GTA London? It's coming but when! :(


@ dreamtheater87

Your prob right, but I would not put it past R* to figure out a way of getting the whole of San Andreas in there.

Considering jets and planes are back, it could be that big. plus they got the hills and country side.

guess we just have to wait and see.

gta28002422d ago (Edited 2422d ago )


The part where it shows the man in a jet ski shows a bridge. That made me assume that it could be San Fierro but if it's the Vincent Thomas bridge then it will just lead me to believe that they are be making a GTA only in Los Santos but will be a very detailed Los Santos as apposed to making an entire San Andreas which would more than likely have less detail and stuff. I hope we get a full SA.

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Sc0pe922423d ago

I wonder if we will be able to go back to like a mini Sin City they did in San Andreas

XGN_Alex2423d ago

Yeah that would be good, but doesn't the trailer imply that the character doesn't really have any money problems? Maybe it's more of a sport this time :P

Or are they going slightly like Saints Row?

Virus2012423d ago

I think you should get a frame shot of the man in the car chase at around 1:05. He might be the main character.

kma2k2423d ago

Anybody else catch the up-n-atom burger an obvious in-n-out burger rip off? Dammit now i want to go to innout for lunch lol